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Opinion: Hypocritical Peace Council in silence while EC creates albatross around Ghanaians

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Peace Council chair Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante

It appears the once vociferous National Peace Council, Christian Council of Ghana and other Civil Society Organizations have been weakened by the intimidating architecture mounted by President Akufo-Addo and the stubborn Electoral Commission. Their ears are plucked they hear nothing happening in Ghana at the moment; their pupils are removed from their eyeballs they don’t see any wrong happening; their mouths are stitched they cannot open while their balls are reduced to make them docile. As for their heads, they are placed in a freezer!

It is evil for good men to sit aloof while bad men destroy for the good in them will never benefit anyone. The eerie silence of the Peace Council and the clergy, in particular, is surprising and worrying. These are groups who have hitherto especially during the previous Mahama regime been active, vocal and penetrative into the people’s minds seeking to shape public opinion in a certain direction. They are quick to condemn, speedy to provide alternatives, but today are dead scared of even being known to exist. The most baffling of the situation is that the same men are in charge in most of these institutions.

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Prof. Emmanuel Asante is still the head of the National Peace Council. He is known for his unrestrained attacks on Charlotte Osei when the NPP began its shenanigans to remove her from office to the extent of asking her to resign. Today, Jean Mensah is leading the country to war but he is tongue-tied.

The Christian Council of Ghana headed by Most Rev. Prof. Paul Kwabena Boafo does not seem to be aware Christians are behind and affected by what is going on. As for the Catholic Bishops Conference, they have tried but obviously, the nature of vigilante President we have might have scared them into restraint.

Some of the clergy who were loud and clear castigating from all angles in 2016, Mensah Otabil and Prof. Emmanuel Martey, have strangely gone under their beds. Some of them now have a profession in watching animal television. The ‘Nyansafuo’ have turned into praise and worship leaders at a time worse than what they criticized before. You hardly see them appear in the public space. Perhaps they have been sorted out with the sakawa proceeds.

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There was what was referred to as Occupy Ghana, an all-knowing group of charlatans who dared to mock the presidency by occupying the President’s office in 2016. Today they are paralytic with twisted mouths and wobbled minds. They see no evil, speak no evil. They have joined the looting brigade milking the country dry. Their tummies are bulging with bread and butter; fibre and milk with whisky to chill. Social welfare is no longer important to them.

The dangerous effect of this hypocritical attitude is that it will be too late to intervene as evil is entrenched in society. They will lack any capacity to tackle any trouble brewed by their chosen silence. Once you sit by fire to rage without preparing to quench it, it will surely consume you.


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Written by: Cyril Duodu & Attractive Mustapha

Disclaimer: Opinions published on this website do not represent the views of the EIB Network

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