HomenewsMentor Series: life values- Bishop David Oyedepoe

Mentor Series: life values- Bishop David Oyedepoe

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Mentor Series: life values- Bishop David Oyedepoe
Destiny is a like stock exchange; levels change per day how many understand that,
So that you are classmates today don’t deceive yourself you are classmates for life, the classes even when they’re in the class, you are still by destiny rated into different class because that guy is doing something you are not doing even thou you are sit in the same class but in the computer readings of HEAVENS, he is shooting he point 5 today, point 5 tomorrow, point 7 next tomorrow and you are going the other way in life. YOU THINK YOU ARE IN THE SAME CLASS.
“I must have had some classmates perhaps who have never read one book since they completed or left school, have never read one book though since they left school in their life” said Dr. Pastor David Oyedepoe.
And then we have another who is reading daily a bit to boast his resource in order to enhance his results, YOU CAN NOT BE AT THE SAME LEVEL 2X so don’t be deceiving yourself by sitting in the same classroom, LOCATE YOUR CLASS, LOCATE YOUR WHAT? YOUR OWN CLASS.
BEGIN TO LOCATE YOUR OWN CLASS, you can come or enter the ministry the same time that doesn’t mean you are ministry mates or classmates, in no time you will find levels changing because that one is making an INVESTMENT that the other ONE is not making.
For example, every time you buy a dress it only covers your body but whenever you buy or purchase a book or any other resourceful material It serves as a covering to your destiny.
They are two different things. For example, again how many of you will like to know that I started buying or purchasing books since 1970 so there are books on my shelf that cost sixty (60) Kobo, whole book 70 Kobo, 80 Kobo whole texts while others were playing games all over the places I was buying or purchasing BOOKS, Dressing my DESTINY for BEAUTY and for COLOUR. Reading and searching every issue of interest in life. I don’t know each of Nigeria leaders that I ever had biography that I didn’t have time to buy or purchase to read, I was buying them and reading them, finding the stories of men how they endure in their small beginnings even thou they were secular people I was boosting my own native intelligence by looking at them.
Moreover, to continue with our discussion, here you are today JEANS tomorrow KHAKI next tomorrow T-Shirts never enough 20 SHOES NO TEXT, they say TAPE what concerns about tape.
“our books have sold millions this year and I came a crossed that mandate by reading a Magazine on February 14, 1984, it was by reading an article in a magazine that the voice of the lord that’s upon many waters came alive and launch me into that realm that is working today.
Learners are open hearted, ever sensitive as they begin to learn, read and search. I will like you to change your budgets, YOU HAVE ENOUGH TEXT there is no competition, YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION TO SECURE YOUR COLOURFUL DESTINATION.
“Somebody bought me a pair of shoes and ask I asked to get me another and he brought the other one and he said this one is better. I said how much is it? he mentioned the amount and said does have an engine, I don’t buy this kind of shoes” said Dr. Pastor David Oyedepoe.
Your VALUES SYSTEMS matters in determining the DESTINY of your life, it matters a lot.
For example, they found a house for me many years ago, they say is 44000 per annum, ahh!! is it for sale?
I came to this town in Lagos living in a house of 22000 per annum and am enjoying my life and fulfilling the assignment God has given me.

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