HomenewsMan sentenced to 47 years in prison reacts by punching his lawyer

Man sentenced to 47 years in prison reacts by punching his lawyer

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A man in Ohio was understandably not happy when he was sentenced to 47 years in prison.
However, his first reaction probably didn’t help his case: He immediately sucker-punched his lawyer.

David Chislton was in a Cleveland courtroom on Tuesday for a sentencing hearing that involved nearly two dozen charges, including assaulting his girlfriend and setting fire to a Warrensville Heights apartment building in 2017, according to WKYC TV.
Chislton apparently didn’t expect to be sentenced to nearly five decades behind bars, because immediately after his sentencing, he punched his lawyer Aaron Brockler, according to Cleveland.com.

Courtroom security pounced on Chislton and subdued him.
Brockler suffered various facial injuries as well as a possible concussion, according to Cleveland station WEWS.
“It was pretty fun,” Brockler, who had a small cut on his face, joked to Cleveland.com.
The timing of the punch was bad in a number of ways, including the fact that Brockler was about to tell Chislton he would see what options he might still have.

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“I turned to him because I was about to tell him that I will come and meet with him privately to see if there was anything we could do to reduce the sentence,” Brockler told WKYC. “But before I could even open my mouth I just heard a swoosh sound.”
Brockler doesn’t remember what happened next.
“All I remember is waking up on the floor underneath the table,”

Authorities are in the process of filing additional charges against Chislton, according to WEWS.
Source: Huffington Pos

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