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KNUST SRC WOCOM Candidate, Rosetta Darkwaah outline plans for students

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Andrews Aibi Junior
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The long awaited KNUST SRC Elections which seeks to elect a new face of leaders to lead the students front will be held on Thursday, January 28, 2021.

Miss Rosetta Darkwaah Opoku, a candidate for the KNUST SRC Women’s Commissioner has outlined her plans for the office taking into consideration covid-19 and it’s impacts on the students.

As part of efforts to better the life of students, Ms. Rosetta Darkwaah Opoku is focusing on four areas , namely;

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Academic Work
The school has adopted the online learning approach to augment the in person lectures.
However, some students do not have good phones, laptops to access these platforms in view of this I will support the VC’s SONSOL project of getting laptops for needy students.

I will advocate for the expansion of the food bank so that this time we add some money to the package. This will enable students to buy data to access the online learning platforms.

I support the need to look at fruitful conversations with Vodafone to increase the data allowance package or a cheaper data package for students

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We will liase with an organization like the Fabulous Woman Network to support the growth of women-led businesses with entrepreneurial skills development, business coaching, networking opportunities and others.

Student Welfare
Covid 19 has caused lots of parents, guardians and students to lose their sources of livelihood, money, investments and some lives.

As your part of providing relief for affected students, I will advocate for the expansion of food bank to cover affected students by securing more sponsorships and support for the KNUST Food Bank.

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I will also look at securing partnership deals with an insurance company to provide support to students who may lose a parent or guardian whilst in school.

Student Accommodation
As a country we are faced with a housing problem of which KNUST is no exception.

Owing to the vulnerabilities of ladies, as your next SRC Women’s Commissioner I will advocate for a 30% quota of hostel accommodation be made available to ladies in the GUSS hostels.

As we go to the polls tomorrow 28th January, 2021, please remember to vote for Rosetta Darkwaah Opoku number 2 on the ballot screen as your next KNUST SRC Women’s Commissioner.

Source: hypercitigh.com

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