HomenewsKNUST SRC: 5GB Data Promise Falls Flat for the 3rd Time

KNUST SRC: 5GB Data Promise Falls Flat for the 3rd Time

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A 5GB data package promise by the KNUST Students Representative Council has fallen flat for the 3rd following several promises from the Executive Council of Students body.

KNUST SRC PRO, Mr Charles Lwanga Tengan, made the first revelation on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at the KNUST SRC’s 60th Anniversary launch.

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According to him, the previous Vodafone bundle package for KNUST Students will be increased from 2GB to 5GB.

However, students did not receive the said package on the said date, which triggered several questions from the students body.

Nonetheless, a tweet was sent from the Council’s official Twitter handle attributing the setback to an earlier announcement of system upgrades of the school Vodafone SIM cards. The tweet went ahead to read that, the release of the extra 3GB will come in batches, which never came to pass.

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Another defence that was staged by the Students Council “Overlord”, Master Samuel Sesah was for the fact that Govt. (MoE and GTEC) has held on to the process hoping to bring all students in Ghana an alternative to data crisis, hence the cause of the delay

The Second promise was again given by the KNUST SRC PRO, Mr. Charles Lwanga Tengan at the SRC Press Briefing on 22nd May 2021, which was coupled with a very huge publicity stunt with the hashtag #LetsCelebrateThe5 on social media.

Things weren’t different as students who waited till 00:00 am 25th May, 2021 received the usual 2GB data package.

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A long time ago, students in the KNUST University Community in 2014, received a monthly package of about three hundred (300) MB with some call time. Subsequently, it was increased to five hundred (500) MB with some call time.

In 2016, the bundle package was increased to 1GB/1024MB with 100 minutes of talk time and an SMS bundle. The bundle package came as an aid to students, especially those who had inconveniences buying data for academic purposes.

It became really helpful as it made internet access very convenient for all students.

In 2019 however, it was increased from 1GB to 2GB. This came as a big deal as students found it easier to learn and access study files online, and for other purposes.


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