HomenewsKNUST Development: Katanga hall contributions and Advocacy #Highlights

KNUST Development: Katanga hall contributions and Advocacy #Highlights

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KNUST Development: Katanga hall contributions and Advocacy
The UNIVERSITY HALL as a national policy advocates during its annual hall festival celebrations, vehemently cement on the Free compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) as enshrined in the 1992 constitution,
dress in this uniforms to advocate for all parents to take their children to school for basic education in Ghana is free and compulsory for all children. On this day, we also donate books and uniforms to students to keep them in the class rooms. We also serve as inspiration and role models to this kids to learn hard to learn hard and get to the university and also aspire for heights in future.
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More taxis we see all over on KNUST campus today was made achievable through the ardent advocacy by the students of the UNIVERSITY HALL, when students had to walk several miles to board a car at tech junction before they get to their various destinations.
The purchase of vehicles for lecturers were strongly protested against in 2002 when the students of the UNIVERSITY HALL cried foul of empty laboratories and poor lecture theatres so why must the school channel its resources into an unnecessary adventure whilst imminent issues are left unattended. The university upon this revolution rescinded their decision and took sight of renovating the labs and lecture theatres.
KNUST Development: Katanga hall contributions and Advocacy
The KNUST we all know today to be known of their studious alumni #teknocrats to some larger extent was made possible by the UNIVERSITY HALL. In this hall since its inception until now, the boys are motivated by history to learn harder than they would have thought of. Students like in SHS are woken up at dawn to study when midsems and exams are drawing closer. This can only be found in the UNIVERSITY HALL. Best students of the hall are rewarded by the hall authorities each academic year to push and motivate the boys to study hard. There is this competition and everyone want to prove a point when it comes to academics.
To go into the archives of KNUST, KATANGA every year produce most students with first class and that of second class upper and lower, its countless.
On the long run, this crop of brilliant graduates feed into the #teknocratKNUST boast of all this while.
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For the existence as MALE HALL since 1963 compared to long standing male hall like vandal, KATANGA can equally boast of prominent alumni who are taking major positions all in Ghana and all over the world.
You can mention the names or yourself.
[irp posts=”3751″ name=”Katanga and Conti to house female students in the 2018/2019 academic year”]
The UNIVERSITY HALL has over the past seven years running being the only hall who has won consistently the best hall of the year, the best male hall of the year, the most influential hall of the year and once won the best hall in West Africa.
The outside world has noticed our great contributions and advocacy as a Hall to the development of KNUST and Ghana as a whole.
Credit: Katanga Fellowood

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