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KNUST: ABC signs New Interim Students Representative Act, wields ‘enough’ power to incoming executives

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The tenure of the outgoing house led by Mr. Adu Baah Charles has slowly ebbed to a controversial end. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every aspect of life including succession planning in most institutions.

To mitigate the disruptions and chaos that is to be left by a community without representation, the outgoing SRC led by Master Adu Baah Charles has on Monday, July 27, 2020, signed the New Interim Students Representative Act, 2020.

The Act signed by the ABC with counter signatories by Speaker of SRC Parliament, Rt. Hon. Asamoah Hunvilla and Clerk, Adriana Cornie have injected few provisions to ensure that the Act stands the test of time.

Following the uproar from the announcement of the initial bill, some students activist groups challenged the mandate of the outgoing SRC President, citing several reasons such as the Act flagged unconstitutional elements, gross inconsistency in articulation, and the promulgation of inherent grounds for its implementation. The SRC leadership and Parliament in the new Act have taken a different turn.

The new Interim Students Representative Act, 2020 outlines clear provision on transition across colleges, halls, and non-residential levels should unforeseen events inhibit the usual momentous function of elections.

Similar to the initial Act that was met with fierce opposition, the committee shall comprise five members with representation from the halls, the colleges, non-residential committee, Institute of Distance Learning, and the incoming clerk of the house.

Also, the new Act has seen the removal of clubs and societies representative which flagged the initial provision. The duration or span of existence for the ISRC is 14 days after the reopening of a new academic year. It comes to force after a lapse, delay or inability to conduct SRC and NUGS elections in the previous academic year. If there be the need, an additional five (5) days extension shall be given at the discretion of the Dean of Students before its authority is revoked which is after elections have taken place successfully.

The Act further establishes an Interim Judicial Committee (I-JC) which shall comprise of three members with inclusion of at least one lady as well as the establishment of an Interim Electoral Commission (I-EC) which shall comprise of three members from the halls and colleges.

Emphasis has also been laid on the inclusion of a second-year student as a contingent successor should unforeseen circumstances occur.

What’s New?

– Chairperson of the ISRC shall be elected by the members of themselves.

– Selection of representatives from the various caucuses (College, Hall and Non – Residential Executives shall elect their own representative unto the committee

– In the event that the semester is carried out online, decisions will be made by the ISRC in consultation with the Dean of Students and SRC Aspirants.

– Consequently, if it happens that a College, Hall, and Non-Residential Elections for any reason is not conducted, there shall be an Interim Committee in a similar function as the ISRC which shall comprise of students within outgoing Parliament, Executive arm and the Judiciary, all members must be continuing students.

– The ISRC shall not undertake any activities that require the use of funds unless it is towards the organization of the SRC elections.

– The Interim Judicial chairperson shall be appointed by the SRC president in consultation with the outgoing judicial chairperson and he/she shall be responsible for the conduct of the handing- over and swearing-in of the elected SRC and NUGS Executives respectively.

– The chairperson of the Interim Electoral committee shall be appointed by the outgoing President in consultation with the outgoing electoral commissioner from the 3 member committee set-up by the SRC President and the chairperson of the ISRC.

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