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I stopped being a prostitute after my dad ended up as my client in a lodging

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Betty Kamau* found herself in the worst possible situation that no one would ever wish to be.

Betty, 32, has been a twilight girl for close to 9 years. She started being a sex worker ever since she cleared high school.

“I started down this career path out of life’s frustrations like joblessness and poverty. Selling my body to strangers for money is not something I chose for the love of it,” Betty said.

When Betty finished high school she left her sleepy town in Subukia, Nakuru to seek out her fortunes.

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Her parents were not financially able to take her to university to further her studies.

Her dreams were big and they involved getting a well paying job to support her family back home and take herself through school.

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Those dreams were crushed.

Betty started living with her aunt who was also in the trade.

She was a madam – a female pimp.

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Unbeknown to her, she was slowly inducted into the sex work.

“I used to wonder how my aunt, who was not a very close relative but i called her my aunt, was able pay for such a big house in a posh estate. From what I could see she did not have a day job,” Betty said.

Betty was glad to be housed by the aunt who was hosting her for a bit till she gets the feel of the tough Nairobi life.

“One day, she sat me down and told me, how i can make a living in Nairobi. I was shocked. I had to pull my weight in the house and start paying bills. I did not have anywhere else to go!”

Betty told herself that she would do it for a short while and stop but she never did.

The financial trappings that came with being a sex worker kept her hooked to the job.

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While on the job, the most embarrassing moment of her life happened.

While going about her usual activities of hunting for clients, she spotted an elderly man walk into the night club she was in. He had on a cap and huge shades covering most of his face.

“All the other women rushed to the man because older clients pay well and they don’t have issues and weird sexual proclivities,” Betty said.

Betty was the first one to get to him and in a hurry he selected her as his preferred mate for the night.

Shock pon, monumental shock.

When they got to the lodging, the elderly man removed his cap and glasses read for some action.

Betty who was infront of him had already started removing her clothes.

When she turned, she came face to face with her birth father.

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From her shocked expression, the elderly man stopped to really look at Betty, only to discover it is his daughter.

She grabbed her clothes running out of the room crying and utterly embarrassed.

Her father was left seated on the bed with his head buried in his hands. He was left mumbling to himself.

When she left the lodging, Betty and the father never spoke to each other for 5 whole years.

To date, none of them have ever spoken of the incident.

That was the day Betty quit her job as a twilight girl. For good.





Source: enyantribune.com

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