Sixty Krowor youth trained in digital satellite tv installation



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Youth in the Krowor constituency have received a two-day training in digital satellite tv installation.

The move forms part of plans being rolled out by Member of Parliament Agnes Naa Momo Lartey to reduce the rate of youth unemployment in the area.

The NDC MP actualized her commitment by facilitating the training program to equip some youth in the constituency with skills that positions them to earn a living.

The NDC MP intimated that the rate of unemployment among the youth was a clear and present source of insecurity that required urgent and sustained attention.

She made these observations during the sessions held at the Church of Pentecost, E.N.A. Vanderpuije Memorial Temple on July 5 and 6.

The staggering level of unemployed among youth in Ghana is a phenomenon that has, over the years, attracted huge public concern across the country. In response, duty-bearers across the political divide often express their commitment to initiate policies and programs that will curb the ever-rising incidence of joblessness, particularly among the youth in the country.

Naa Momo, as she is affectionately called by her constituents, conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to the Nungua District Pastor and the entire Pentecost Church for freely availing their premises for the purposes of the training exercise.

In her address to the participants, she expressed gratitude “to the organizers of this Satellite TV training Programme for extending the training programme to Nungua to allow the youth of Krowor to participate. I am also particularly grateful for the number of people the organizers allowed me to bring on board.”

To the participants, she added that “whatever you are given as a skill or support to enable you to accelerate your development and progress in life, my prayer is that it becomes beneficial to you and your family. I am hopeful that when we sit and do an assessment, later on, I trust that all of you will be making it in life using the skills you have been empowered with. There will be other opportunities but what you do with this skill, will encourage other youth and sponsors to come on board subsequently”

She further intimated after the 2-day non-residential sessions that “the worrying trends of social vices in the communities have a direct correlation to the rate of unemployment among the youth. Being mindful of the threats youth unemployment poses to our collective security and development. I have facilitated the training session in collaboration with this non-governmental organization of global repute to offer skills to interested youth in order to equip them enough to be able to earn a living.”

“This skill training model is unique in many respects, perhaps the most significant being that, it exclusively focuses on unemployed youth who have no tertiary education. The concept affords constituents with JHS and SHS education to also acquire skills that can immediately position them to obtain a source of income.”

She noted that “the challenge of unemployment can be resolved either through skills training cum business support schemes and job placements for the youth. As far as job placements are concerned, it is a well-known fact that since my swearing-in on the 7th of January, 2021 as a first-time Member of Parliament for Krowor Constituency, I have made a frantic effort to openly advertise job and skills training opportunities on my official social media portals so that all constituents can equally take advantage of them.”

“I will continue to facilitate more job placement and skills training opportunities for my people but I expect the government to equally focus on stimulating sectors of the economy that will expedite economic recovery, engender growth and create the needed jobs for the youth.”

The 2-day skills training session led to the award of certificates to all the 60 unemployed youth from Krowor Constituency, as Digital Satellite TV Installation Technicians.

They were also equipped with tools to enable them to commence plying their trade immediately after the training.

Participants who express interest in registering a business will also be supported to officially register their businesses with the Registrar General’s Department.

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