Meet Andrew Olsson, the football Journalist and scout who wants to make African Football Bigger


Andrew Olsson is a journalist and scout who is an expert on African football. He is also the founder and Head of Pan Africa Football. His website covers domestic football all across the continent and the various pathways African players take to find success abroad in Europe and elsewhere. It covers CAF and FIFA competitions as well as CAF club competitions.

Andrew is passionate about projecting African Football and players to the world.

Between 17th September- 5 October, 2021. Andrew was in Ghana to launch his website which is the The launch was held in Sunyani. The event was climaxed with a Football match between two division two, MSJ Rangers football club v Thought FC. The match ended 1:1.

Andrew Olsson

Next, Andrew visited some notable tourist sites in Ghana.

Pan Africa Football is an online platform which seeks to Promote African Football and make African Players attractive on the Football Transfer Market.

Pan Africa vision is see a well structured African leagues.

Pan Africa believes Africa has the clubs have the potentials to make their leagues more attractive and make it bigger and better.