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The term Anime, native to the Japanese origin is coined from the first Japanese animations which can be dated back to 1917. We can’t talk about anime without recognizing the legacy of Osamu Tezuka, the Japanese Manga popularly known as the Godfather of Manga, who as a cartoonist shed light on the art in 1960 through his demonstrated passion. Part of his Manga (comic) displays was held both at theaters and displayed on television.

The art is available for different age groups ranging from kids to adults. Although some may have adult content, there are still numerous of anime movies like My Neighbour Toro, Edgier Picks, Hayao Miyazaki, etcetera.

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Anime like Hagani, Food wars and Gate can however contain contents not appropriate for younger ages.  No matter the category that one belongs to, whether young or old, there some anime movies suggested here that teach complex life lessons in much simple way and are “A Must watch” movies.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

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Kenichi, the antagonist in the movie is a weakling who often got bullied by mates and peers. But one day, his story turned around when he met a girl who led him into the martial arts school.

His zeal to learn and improve upon his weakness paid off as he eventually became strong enough to protect himself and others.

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The lesson from this movie is very clear: Once you embrace change, and persevere through improving your abilities, you’ll always become better and stronger.

  • Dragon Ball Z

This is another anime movie you wouldn’t want to miss. The moral lesson here is that one must not be complacent about what your current success because there will always be someone who is able to achieve more than you were able.

  • New Game

The main character,  Aoba Suzukaze, had to work tirelessly in acheiving her life ambition as a game designer. It indicates that although one maybe passionate about something, you still have to face the challenges that comes with pursuing that passion. 

  • Spice And Wolf

A movie that teaches you to market yourself, persuade others and estavlish contracts with people. Kraft Lawrence encounters a deity at a point in his life, and picked up a partnership with the deity.

  • Sakura Quest

This shows how communication is important in both building and sustaining relationships. It teaches that, communication is essential in understanding people’s situations, what informs their actions and the reason they are the way they are.

  • Samurai Champloo

The 15 years old damsel whose name the title is named after searches for Samurai and eventually encounters Mugen and Jin who he recruits as his accomplices to support her in the seach for the sunflower scented Samurai. The story line teaches that the most difficult decisions are some of the best decisions one can ever make.

  • Re-Life

The movie about the Twenty-Seven years old NEET is given an opportunity to change his life, he took up the challenge and worked towards it until he saw results. It teaches that irrespective of the distance one has gone, there’s always still the chance to start over again and turn your life around.

  • Scrapped Princess

Pacifica Casull finds a new home after she has been adopted by a brother and her sister following her abandonment by her biological family. The movie essentially throws more light on the true definition of a family and what it stands for.

  • Shiki

Being logical and when all other people are not rational is one for the lessons that Shiki tends to teach. Shiki is a violent and horror anime movies that initially begins as a lightweight anime.

Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom of the elite teaches that life is a competition and people are ready to destroy you so as to win. This movie was designed by the same people that designed

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