How to check 2019 BECE School Placement Online on a mobile phone or PC

In order for you to check your CSSPS BECE School placement online, follow the steps below;
1. The first step is to ensure you have the placement checker, which we will be selling when it is available.

2. Ensure that you have access to a computer that has Internet access.

3. Using your computer, visit the CSSPS result checker online portal

4. Proceed to enter your BECE index number. It should be 10 digits. And also your year of examination. For example, if your index number is 1234567890 and the year of your examination is 2019, this is what you will input: 1234567890 19.

5. On your checker, you will get a serial number. Enter the serial number found on top the scratch card in the field designated for it.

6. Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) that will also be found on the scratch card you had purchased.

7. After you are done, you then click submit. Be patient and wait for the results window to pop up. If you are successful, the CSSPS placement checker print form option will appear. Click on print to print out your form.

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