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Here is The list of popular foods on the campuses of some Ghanaian universities

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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) -Red red

In KNUST the most popular food is Red red  . Their love for Red red a.k.a ”Gob3”  can not be changed by anyone. There are many red red joints on campus but the most preferred ones are Queens hall red red ,the joint infront of Nana Adoma hostel,. Students and staff enjoy this meal. You can not tell me you are in KNUST or completed and never tasted red red in any of the joints, and i mean red red is a nutritious dish.

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University of Ghana (UG, Legon)- Waakye

Why do i feel like waakye is the next big thing after jollof? In UG waakye is the most popular dish on campus. No matter the weather, time or day you will get waakye to buy. I’m not suprised waakye is their favourite dish, its a great dish. im a waakye lover myself.

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Central University (CU) – Rice Dishes

It was not easy finding the popular food on this campus, but according to my survey rice is the popular food on campus. Yes rice, and i mean any type of rice dish you can think of. Jollof, Fried rice and plain rice. In their cafeteria, you see students and staff eating the varieties of rice dishes. Some students prefer to buy three different rice dishes on one plate.

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University of Cape Coast (UCC) – Red red

In UCC, red red a.k.a ”gob3” or beans is the popular meal on campus. Looks like KNUST and UCC are competing but i will give the crown to KNUST,they have the record showing they are beans lovers. The Science market has the best red red.


University of Mines and Technology(UMaT) – Waakye

I told you already that waakye is the next big thing after our dear jollof rice. In UMaT waakye is their favorite. They do not have much food joints on campus, there is a waakye joint that gives free chilled sobolo to customers after buying the waakye.



University of Professional Studies(UPS)-Waakye

Waakye is taking over o, Waakye is the most popular food in UPS. i’m not surprised because UPS is closer to UG, they may have somethings in common. and i mean, waakye is bae, its a great meal.


Kessben University College-Kenkey

The popular food on campus is Ga Kenkey. Most students cant go a day without eating Edhag’s kenkey. Edhag’s kenkey is a kenkey joint in Kessben University College.



University of Development Studies(UDS)- Kenkey

Most Students of UDS prefer Kenkey.



Knustford University College-Jollof and Waakye

The popular foods on campus are jollof and waakye. Both meals are great. They do not have popular food joints, waakye and jollof are the most popular foods on campus.

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University of Education,Winneba(UEW) – Kenkey

In the main campus Winneba, Ga kenkey, hot pepper and fish is the most popular food.

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