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‘This tweet underrated’ – Davido writes as he shares tweet which said Desmond Elliot is proof that a young person could be President and still fail us

Christopher Sam
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Come 2023, we youths must make a vow that anybody that’s a former member of the PDP or APC no matter how youthful as long as he or she was a member of beneficiary of these corrupt parties can never ever join us. I understand Desmond very well. Starting his political career as a youth ambassador, he was promising, that he’s going to lead the youths well, but he let the virus of the corrupt system infect him. Yoruba says “Oti je dodo, ko le so dodo” he has eaten dodo (fried plantain), ko le so dodo (he can’t speak for what’s just). The whole political system is corrupt, it’s a pandemic, he has let the virus get into him. That’s exactly why we can’t let him join us, he’s an outcast, an osu. What I want to say again is has corruption is a culture, bring a revolution and change that will make it a taboo. Make people run from it like a plague because with corruption we can’t go anywhere I swear, we the youths will journey in a circle. If I were the president today, I will have a ministry solely dedicated to fighting corruption. I will call it, “ministry of anti-corruption”. We must fight this Hydra tooth and nail. Any public official found guilty will hold any public office ever. They will be named and shamed and sent to lengthy jail term or just capital punishment. Desmond is like this because he’s corrupt. We must behead this hydra called corruption once and for all before we move on to other things.

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