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Do these whenever cobwebs trap your face |

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Cobwebs are sometimes used in the realms of the spirit to destroy destinies, or to carry out a demonic agenda.

Cobwebs had trap the faces of many people in one way, or the other.

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One intriguing thing is that, some times a person can get trapped by cobwebs as he or she is walking on the street, or a place were many people are walking, that means that cobwebs can be used for evil agenda.

Soo many people take it for granted, or look down on that when they are trapped by cobwebs, but the truth of the matter is that there are some spiritual effects or consequences about that.

Listed below are some spiritual consequences of getting trapped by cobwebs.

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1. It causes setback in ones life. That is it takes a person back from where he, or she have reached in life.

2. It is sometimes used by the enemy for their demonic plans or agenda.

Do the following things immediately when cobwebs trap your face.

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1. The first thing to do is to apply the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on yourself.

2. Pray and destroy any demonic agenda behind that.

Pray the following prayers.

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1. First pray and ask God to wash you with the blood of Jesus Christ, ask God to forgive you your sins.

2. Thank God for your life, pray and bless the name of God.

3. Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, any demonic manipulation against my destiny be destroy by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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4. Any demonic bewitchment talking me back in life

5. Father God, destroy any spirit of setback or stagnation in my life.

6. Pray and thank God for an answered payer.

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Written by A.G.Lawrence

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