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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Jessica Afful Tuleassi, UCC 2020 College of Humanities and Legal Studies Valedictorian

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Ms. Jessica Afful Tuleassi was the best graduating student of the Faculty of Arts and also the best graduating female student in the Department of Communication Studies of the University of Cape coast at the 2nd session of the 53rd Congregation of the University Thursday, October 29, 2020.

Ms. Tuleassi graduated from the Department of Communication Studies, which is one of the over nine Departments under the Faculty of Arts, with a CGPA of 3.9091.

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Check out the exclusive interview between Ms. Jessica Afful Tuleassi and HypercitiGh Team

HYPERCITIGH: Hello Ms. could you please tell us about your family and early education

I received my primary education at Greater Heights School in Takoradi, Fijai, my junior high school education at Services basic school, my secondary school education at Shama Senior High and my tertiary education at the University of Cape Coast. 

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HYPERCITIGH: What are your future plans?

To further my education 

HYPERCITIGH: How has UCC prepared you academically for your future?

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The University of Cape Coast has equipped me with the requisite knowledge and skills to function well at any University I find myself. 

HYPERCITIGH: How has UCC prepared you spiritually/personally?

HYPERCITIGH: Are you a Serena Williams  or a Naomi Osaka at “sharking”?

I am a Jessica Afful Tuleassi, my personal experiences have shaped my life and my unique circumstances are part of who I am and make up my life journey and purpose.

HYPERCITIGH: Could you please tell us about your social life? Do you have time to socialize or you are always learning; thus, these tremendous accolades?

Well I had plenty of time to go to church, have a bunch of amazing international and national experiences, go out and maintain amazing social interactions. This was due to a solid foundation from my home and the fact that I surrounded myself with brilliant yet liberal minds.

HYPERCITIGH: Could you tell us some of the things you encountered along while in UCC and your Program and what lessons you took from them

I learnt not to take life too seriously and consequently to go easy on myself. I learnt to collaborate with friends and to live cohesively with all and lastly I learnt an amazing skill set in communication studies to help me professionally and life in general.

HYPERCITIGH: What do you think you might focus on in your Commencement speech message?

I just want to tell a story of how a little girl from Sekondi can succeed in spite of the odds and dedicate my life and experiences to friends and family who have been there for me

HYPERCITIGH: Could you please tell us what has been your primary source of motivation in life?

Above all, it is my faith rooted in God.

HYPERCITIGH: What is your favorite memory of school at UCC?

I love them all, the good and the bad because they have made me who I am today. 

HYPERCITIGH: Do you have any regrets or anything you would change about the past four years?

As I said, I love all and have no regrets. I am grateful for the lessons and happy to be here, in spite of it all. A small Sekondi girl with a dream.

HYPERCITIGH: Do you have any advice for students?

I am still a student, hehee. So I will advice them to listen to those with far more experiences than I have. Regardless of how overbearing our parents, lecturers, religious or ethnic leaders are, they do have very salient directives for us that will guide us in life.

Hypercitigh.com team hope there are more to come and we wish you all the best!

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NOTE: The Hypercitigh Media General Team will like to thank Ms. Tuleassi for her time and effort in making this exclusive interview a success.
Source:  Hypercitigh.com

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