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Disregard The Call Made By Ungrateful AXIM TFC YOUTH- NZEMA EAST YOUTH FORUM

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The Nzema East Youth Forum has issued a statement urging the general public, especially residents of Nzema Municipality, to ignore claims made by Axim TFC Youth, who are urging President Nana Akufo-Addo not to reappoint Hon. Frank Okpenyen as MCE.

Find the Full Release below

We have sighted an error laden press release by a group called TFC and Gwira youth wing calling on the president not to reappoint Hon. Frank Okpenyen as MCE.
The said release was signed by Rex Asmah and Aaron Angate who are both from Axim.

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It is obvious that these desperate and ungrateful boys only used the name Gwira Youth in their release to deceive the good people of Gwira.

How can the youth of Gwira allow themselves to be fooled by arrogant, greedy and disrespectful boys who benefitted greatly from the party ?
Who from Gwira signed that pathetic, breastfeeding text? No one.

One of the reasons stated by these group is that,Hon. Catherine and Hon. Frank Okpenyen only supported their family and friends and not the party members.
Such blatant lies can only be peddled by pathological liars.
The members and leadership of the nonexistent TFC are the ones who have benefitted massively from the party.

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Rex Asmah who is a signatory to the error laden press release and a leader of the nonexistent TFC group had Scholarship through the effort of the former tourism minister Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku to study Msc.Tourism and Hospitality in China.
Rex Asmah behaved like the proverbial hen who swallowed diamond and moved away from her friends when he had the scholarship.
He became a pastor suddenly after he got the scholarship and moved away from Ghana.
He emphatically told his friends he is no more interested in politics or any Political activity thereof.
He never got himself involved in any NPP related activity.
What has changed now for Rex to come back wailing and crying foul?
Where from the ungratefulness?

Aaron Angate who is also a member of TFC and a signatory to the menopausal press release was employed at MPH through the effort of Hon.Frank Okpenyen and Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku.
He was sacked from MPH because of his arrogance. He was also put on premix for a year.
His wife also benefitted massively from the MP’s (Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku) apprenticeship program.
As a serial caller, Aaron Angate received monthly financial support from Hon. Catherine and the party. Why will angate go to Gwira to tell the youth he has been sidelined. Dear Gwira youth, don’t be fooled. He is using your names for his parochial interest.

Ernest Awuah and Enoch Yankson (also leaders of tfc) are the current Coordinator and RTC respectively for Nabco in Evalue Ajomoro Gwira.
Ernest Awuah and Enoch Yankson after they got the Nabco leadership job decided to abandon party work.
They became pompous and even threatened to delete members of the NPP from the Nabco portal when they decided not to accept their corrupt deals.
At the right time we will come out with all the corrupt deals happening at Nabco.

Hon.Frank Okpenyen
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The same TFC boys who are now speaking ill of MCE went to him during Christmas for their Christmas and new year gifts. Can they boldly tell us who apart from their leadership, benefitted from the money they received from the hardworking MCE?

Was it not the same TFC who accused Aaron Angate of using the association’s money to construct shop for his wife? It was the same MCE they are accusing who intervened in that particular case. How ungrateful can you be!

There are many TFC members who had educational scholarships to study abroad, others got job opportunities. Some members are currently working in the newly inaugurated Nzema East City Gaurd and the newly built DVLA office complex at Ayisakro.

If there are youth in Axim who have benefited massively from EAG, it is the TFC leadership.
It is therefore intriguing to find the very people who benefitted from the party, crying on top of their voice that they have been neglected.
Such ungratefulness is alien in NPP.

In the said release they accused the MCE of not being able to take care of the party Office.
This allegations only tells how ignorant they are when it comes to how the structures of the party works.
Why will anyone blame MCE on party Office issues when we have a party executives? When we have a party secretary who is in charge of the office?
If we may ask, where did the former MP present her forms to the party secretary during the 2020 parliamentary primaries? Was it not in the party Office at community centre?
If indeed the Evalue Ajomoro Gwira lost its party Office as they claimed then it’s obvious the party secretary was dead alive and such a person must be booted out of office.

For the records, party office is at community centre, nicely painted with President, Vice President, MP and MCE’s pictures nicely hung in it.

We are not against anyone supporting a candidate for MCE position. We believe the lobbying must be done with decency and civility.
We will not tolerate lies, propaganda, character assassination in the fight for MCE position.


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