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Dear Fresher, first place to go when you report to school on Saturday, January 9, 2021.

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There are a lot of misconceptions and confused thoughts about where to go and what to do when one arrives as a fresher on the day on campus. As you probably already know, freshers (first-year students) are supposed to report on January 9, 2021. On every reporting day for freshers, there is always a lot that goes on in different places simultaneously. That is likely to contribute even more to the confusion and anxiety especially if you are clueless about what you must do. The best way to go is to know where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do so that nothing else distracts you.

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One important thing every fresher needs to know is that the University does not work like the Senior High School. Some seem to believe that they must report to some authority on campus to have their things checked but that is not the case. As most would know, not every fresher end up staying in any of the traditional halls of residence. Some end up in private hostels outside of campus. Others also end up in the University’s hostels on campus (GUSSS Hostels); which is popularly known as Brunei and Hall 7. Regardless of where a fresher ends up staying everyone is affiliated to one hall or the other. This implies that one does not have to live in a traditional hall of residence to be affiliated to it. 

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Upon arrival on the reporting date, every fresher is supposed to report to where they will be staying till the end of the academic year whether it one of the traditional halls of residence or a private hostel off-campus. 

Traditional Hall of residence (University Hall, Queens Hall, Unity Hall, Africa Hall, Independence Hall, and Republic Hall)

It is advisable to report early especially if you are going to live in a traditional hall of residence and if you live very far away from campus (outside Ashanti Region). There is always the likelihood of long queues considering the numbers that will arrive on the reporting day. There are a few processes to go through before lodging into a room. It is not complicated if you are not living in any of the traditional halls of residence on campus; you probably just have to put down your details, confirm your identity and payment and then get your key. Those who are to reside in the traditional halls of residence will join relatively longer queues and move from one office to another to get their room key.

Before leaving home, make sure you have all important documents including the provisional admission letter, your room allocation slip, and a printed and signed student’s declaration form which will be required during the lodging process at the halls of residence. It is advisable to make several copies of such documents since they will be required at different stages of the lodging process amongst others. 

Biometric registration

Regardless of which residence one ends up in, every fresher will be required to do their biometric registration on campus. The biometric machines are placed at the traditional halls of residence, the faculty area, and at the entrances of the University’s hostels on campus. Biometric registration is very important because it confirms your existence in the school. One cannot partake in any official University examinations without doing the biometric registration which comes with a deadline. When going through the lodging process, it is advisable to keep an eye on all your stuff and be organized with your documents to prevent any kind of frustration. There will be hall executives and others around to aid the whole process. It is best to find such people and follow their instructions to the latter so you can be done with it and then secure the key to your room.

When you are done and settled, find someone to help show you around especially the faculty area where everyone goes to study. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the popular places such as the faculty area, the other traditional halls of residence, the commercial area, and possibly the outskirts of campus. 

Always remember that no fresher is supposed to pay monies to anyone except for goods or services. Finally, as a fresher, if you have nowhere important to go or nothing important to do, the best place for you to be is in your room or hall. 

By: hypercitigh.com | Sebastian Otoo

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