HomenewsA petition to the dean of students and the src president

A petition to the dean of students and the src president

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My name is Andrews Aibi Junior, a second year development planning student of KNUST and an aspirant for the Faculty of Built Environment Students’ Society (FABESS) president.
It been roughly six months since the school started operating a monopolized shuttle system and indeed it serving it purpose as the proletariat and the bourgeoisie alike can have access to the same service, notwithstanding the above, it hasn’t been prolific and the other odds is telling with respect to its efficiency, nevertheless I believe we can be served better if the system is made to run more efficient.
Now, a gross around campus would reveal that Unibank in collaboration with the school has brought a telling difference by constructing “BUS STOPS” at vantage points and interestingly 90% of them are assiduously serving it purpose but others are not living to its bidding and the good people of Faculty of Built Environment and neighbouring faculty (SOCIOSO) is disgruntled by the unequivocal neglect and the inequitable distribution of resources observed.
We ask, why is the CCB BUS STOP adjacent (L.I Andoh Building) which is supposed to serve our interest deprived of its function? Haven’t we equally paid for the bus to trek to that extent?
We believe if the buses are to trek to CCB Bus stop, it wouldn’t serve in our interest alone but has the advantage of serving its purpose and this has culminated because over some months now since the inception of an apparently free shuttle system we have watched with keen eyes till date hoping that one day we would see a turnaround but it proven beyond doubt that it is not happening any time soon as such we are vehemently calling for the bus to start trekking to CCB Bus stop in the light of the availability of a bus stop which would serve in the interest of FABESS and Social Scientist and adversely across board and also go a long way to ease pressure at Carsely Hayford building complex as most often than not we queue and pile up in the scorching sun when it happens to be midday and in worst scenarios we have to resort to survival of the fittest to eventually end up standing in these buses.
We believe that if the buses were trekking ‘back and forth’ to CCB Bus stop the good people of FABESS and SOCIOSO  would get some respite with regard to distance coverage and time to get to their respective lecture halls earlier.
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We talk of Presence of BUS STOP
This is enough reason to say that we have been unfairly treated. It is in the light of having designated places to take off and alight students thus the numerous Bus Stops were created. So we ask, were is that you find a “railroad without a train trekking from end to end?” it is about time we are served a fair share of the cake!
It is disheartening to see colleagues piled up at Carsely Hayford shuttle rank whereas FABESS and SOCIOSO students alike can be saved the hussle from competing with a student who is just a stone throw away from the shuttle rank. This doesn’t undermine the principle of equity but also ascribe us to the uncertainties of being equally privy to access the buses and this to us is unfair and unfortunate on the part of administration. It can be said without shed of doubt that, if the bus is to trek to CCB bus stop, it would reduce the unnecessary and unfortunate congestion created at Carsely Hayford shuttle rank.
Again it baffling to consider any reason justifying why the buses are not trekking to the CCB Bus Stop. We happen to find ourselves yoked with the largest faculty in KNUST thus the Social Sciences and some pocket of departments in the college of Engineering whom are co-beneficiaries of the CCB bus stop if is to serve it purpose. Undoubtedly the number speaks for itself and it enough reason to respond to our call.
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Finally, the good people of FABESS and SOCIOSO have had enough and it is time we’re served a fair share of the cake as such in the light of the reasons provided, we call on the Dean of Students and SRC President to respond to our plight.
The buses are not a monopoly of any faculty, it is for us all to yield to its benefit, we paid for it and so we should be treated equally.
By signing this petition, you are agreeing to let your voice be heard; the buses are not a monopoly of any faculty, lets fight for what we also contributed to, lets leave a legacy!
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#Enough is Enough
follow the link below to sign this petition, thank you.

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