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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Money Heist (la casa DE papel)

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1. Internationally, the show Is known as money heist but originally it was called “Los Desahuciados”which in Spanish means “The Hopeless” but this was changed to “The Paper House” (la casa DE papel)the shows Spanish name.

2. According to the creators, the professor was meant to be the original narrator of the show, however they found the first person narration of his own plan too narcissistic. They tried to give the role to Moscow for a more light hearted and down to earth tone but they settled on Tokyo as they liked her feminine perspective and masculine setting.

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3.Moscow was originally CHERNOBYL, Nairobi was originally CAMEROON, Oslo was originally VALENCIA. CHERNOBYL, CAMEROON AND VALENCIA still appeared in the show as plan code names.

4. Even though season 1 and 2 where set in the royal mint of Spain, production used another shooting location. The Spanish National Research Council Building is used as the stand in for the Royal Mint of Spain.

5. realistic banknotes, the show used the printing presses of Spanish newspaper ABC. as a result, all banknotes that appear on the show are printed news paper and the show was able to print up to 2600 individual banknotes.

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6. The set used to portray the Royal Mints Interior was also used for a popular Spanish show “vis a vis” .Both shows shared the same actresses such as Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Najawa Nimri(inspector Sierra).

7. Professor who is the only person in the gang without a code city name has finally revealed what he would like to be called. According to an interview he Alvaro Mortez said he would like to be called VATICAN CITY.

8. Here is a question involving Berlin that has pretty major implications. Who really is Tatiana (Berlins mysterious ex wife). There is one theory that could provide an answer. Tatiana despite being played by a completely different actress is actually inspector Sierra. With Sierra singing Bella Ciao in the end credits for season 4. This would give her a solid connection to the crew.

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The kicker to this theory is when Sierra states that her husband’s name is Germán which looks and sounds like German or Germany which Berlin is a capital of.

9. We all know that Berlin had a serious disease. However, originally all of the members of the crew where meant to have terminal illnesses themselves. The original idea was that each of them would be seeking out the means to pay for their own treatment or seek to get back at the system for failing them. Ultimately, this idea was axed with only Berlin keeping his disease.

Hope you enjoyed this facts…. And incase you have some speculations, please share with us in the comment section below as we might make an article of that in the future.

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