Homenews2020: I’ll be a thorn in Mahama’s flesh – Sammi Awuku

2020: I’ll be a thorn in Mahama’s flesh – Sammi Awuku

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Andrews Aibi Junior
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National youth organizer of the New Patriotic Party and a National Organizer hopeful, Sammi Awuku, says he will be more deadly to former president John Mahama than before.
“He is not going to have a tea party, and he is not going to have a jolly ride when he is elected the flagbearer of the NDC. I’m going to be a thorn in his flesh just as I was in the run up to the 2016 elections. As a national organizer, I’m going to be more deadly to him than I was as youth organizer,” Sammi stated.
Addressing the press in Koforidua after his campaign in the Eastern Region, Sammi Awuku said, the NPP welcomes John Mahama’s decision to contest for NDC flafbearership race and subsequently to contest in the 2020 presidential elections. He says the NPP wishes John Mahama luck in the NDC internal primaries but wouldn’t wish him success in the 2020 presidential elections.
According to Awuku, President Mahama will have to answer certain questions to the people of Ghana if he is elected as the NDC presidential candidate.

Sammi Awuku said John Mahama and the NDC will have to tell Ghanaians whether they will cancel the nurses and teacher trainees’ allowance, whether the free SHS policy will be scrapped and whether the one village – one – dam in the northern region among major interventions under the NPP will be scrapped.

‘He said in 2016, that restoring the nurses and teacher trainees’ allowance would collapse the economy, the NPP has restored the allowance, I would want to ask him whether he will scrap the allowance if elected in 2020? He said free SHS is not possible even though he is a beneficiary of same, he said, we should wait to elevate all the schools under trees before we implement free SHS. Today the NPP has implemented free SHS, Mr. Mahama when he finishes with his primaries must tell us whether free SHS should be put on hold or not, he may also have to tell us what he would do with the over 500 dams being constructed across the country. I remember when the NPP said we were going to construct dams, the NDC said it was going to breed mosquitoes in the country, we would want to know when he comes whether he will close the dams or what he would do with it,’ Sammi Awuku asked.
These are the questions the NPP will be asking Mahama and the NDC, post his flagbearership Awuku explained, indicating that they will engage John Mahama on a national discourse.
Touching on his national organizer ambition, Sammi Awuku outlined four key agenda he wishes to execute for the NPP if he gets the mandate.
Regular training of party officials on their roles, timely distribution of resources to the grassroots for party mobilization, re-focusing the NASARA, women and youth wings of the party to garner majority support for the NPP and massive membership drive, will be his main agenda.
The national organizer hopeful also wants to form ‘Party Operations team’ to bring all groupings in the party under one umbrella. He said, the operations team will monitor and regulate all volunteer groups working for the NPP and ensure that they work in the interest and in conformity with the NPP ideology.

Source: myjoyonline.com
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