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Ah, we all want to be super-confident, with flawless skin and perfect figure, with positive thoughts and a successful job but, alas, few of us, if any, have all these things. Insecurities can be a major pest, especially, when it comes to the romantic department. The truth is, men don’t even notice the things we’re so worried about most of the time. Here are ten of these things:

1. Boobs

Are they too small? Are they too big? Whatever you think of your breasts, they are yours and you’d do better to like them. No man (at least, no man in his right mind) would be with a woman for her breasts alone. Besides, few men are as fixated on breasts, as you may think.

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2. Cellulite 

Men don’t even notice our skin imperfections and the reason for this is that we tend to exaggerate them to huge proportions, while, in fact, they are most often small ones. So what if your skin doesn’t look as that model’s on the cover of your favourite magazine? You do know about Photoshop, after all, don’t you?!

3. Weight 

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The classic problem. You gain a few pounds over the holidays and you start thinking that he’ll leave you, because you’re too fat. That’s so ridiculous and you know it. Or maybe you think you’re too skinny and no man would want to touch you. Again, ridiculous! It’s true that men love with their eyes but they don’t only love with their eyes. They also have brains, heart and emotions, and these take part in the chemistry of love too.

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4. Makeup 

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Guys don’t really care about makeup. If anything, they are apt to get annoyed when you take too long to put on a new, more beautiful face. So, don’t worry that he’ll scream in horror if he sees you without any makeup, because he won’t! In fact he’ll probably prefer to kiss you without any lipstick.

5. Phisical intimacy 

Few are those among us who are certain about their ‘bedroom expertise’ to an extent that they don’t question their performance. But physical intimacy isn’t so much about skill, it’s about a shared emotion, about showing your loved one exactly how much you love them. You don’t have to be a pro to do this and your guy won’t expect it from you. Just be honest.

6. Love

Insecurities are directly related to a low self-esteem and that’s something that most people suffer from to one degree or another. Part of that low self-esteem is the uncertainty whether you’re worth someone’s love. This someone, however, is unlikely to notice your anxiety. He loves you, he knows it and he feels no urge to demonstrate it repeatedly just to reassure you. Live with it and stop worrying!

7. Style

Listen carefully now: a man who’s really into you will not, we repeat, will not notice what underwear you’re wearing. He won’t pay any attention whether it’s Victoria’s Secret or a simple no-name piece of cloth. He loves you and he wants you, that’s all. Of course, he probably loves seeing you in a short skirt or dress, but you don’t have to freeze to death in the winter just to showcase your legs to him. Again, men are not constantly focused on these things, believe us!

8. Brains

Relationships are not purely physical (at least, most of them), so to add to your troubles, there’s also the anxiety of not being smart enough for him or being too smart for him. Unless you’re parading your superior mind, he won’t give much thought to any intellectual inequalities, granted, of course, that they are not really significant. If they are, however, your relationship is most likely doomed. Sorry about that.

9. Opposition 

Some girls are terrified of arguing with their boo, thinking that men are happiest when their girlfriends always agree. He won’t notice it for a while but sooner or later he will sense that there’s something wrong. You can’t spend years and years agreeing with everything another person says and does, can you? Speak your mind, he won’t leave you for this!

10. That constant comparison

Maybe he was happier with his ex…Maybe he will be happier with your best friend, because she’s so beautiful/smart/whatever… Comparisons between you and other women can ruin a relationship. They fuel every single insecurity and can turn you into a suspicious monster. Don’t compare yourself to others – you are who you are and your boyfriend loves you. If he wanted your best friend, he would have been with her, after all. But he’s not, so stop worrying!

Do you think there are other things girls feel insecure about that guys won’t even notice?

Stay beautiful and happy!

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