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Why Some NABCO Trainee’s Stipends are still on “Processing Payment”

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The Nation Builder’s Corp’s, programme(NABCO), No doubt has revived the dead hope of most graduates in the country.

Gone are the days, when most graduates complete their tertiary studies and come home depending on their parents for survival.

Today, with the coming into being of the NABCO programme, these trainees are now able to survive on their own through the monthly stipends.

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Even though the NABCO monthly stipends do not come on a regular basis, but a close section of the trainees has testified to the fact that NABCO has actually helped them and has kept them in shape.

The programme which was initiated by the current administration has become a trending keyword in the mouth of these graduates both recent and past.

It became so because of its positive impact on their lives and some of the challenges a few of them also face with the programme.

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Talking of the challenges, are the issues of arrears for some trainees, and the irregular payment of trainees allowance.

There are some trainees who still have their stipends in arrears for some months now and when they checked their portal for the payment history, they always see a remark “Processing Payment”.

These trainees get worried about such a remark, and some have even lost hope, with doubt whether they will be paid or not.

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As ‘we’ have dedicated our platform in helping to clarify things to trainees and also help them understand the current trend in the job sector, through close consultation with some stakeholders regarding the issue of ‘processing payment’ the following might be the reason for such remarks.

  • Rampant change of e-zwich cards
  • The Secretariat is still verifying the trainee’s details (e-zwich and other documents). This, It Could Take Up To 21days or more for system validation/verification and Processing Payment
  • Duplicate e-zwich or Nabco Reference
  • Affected trainees are on another programme (NSS, Forestry e.t.c)
  • Wrong USN
  • Hot Card
  • Trainees did not upload the Assumption of duty
  • If you have “Processing Payment” as a remark on your portal, you should try and access your e-zwich card details with GhIPSS to see whether your card falls within any of the above-listed points.

It’s worth noting that, When it comes to payment of stipends for trainees, the NABCO secretariat is more vigilant especially with the latest issue of overpayment.

The least mistake on the trainee’s particulars can delay his or her monthly stipends. But all things being equal, each trainee shall be sorted in due time.


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