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NABCO, See What to Do If you Have NOT REPORTED BY MIPs as a Remark on your Portal

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As days passed by, new challenges are being faced by trainees. First was Not in the master list, then Duplicate Department Number Blocked and now Not Reported By MIPs. All these remarks on trainees portal are what’s preventing these trainees from getting their monthly stipends. 

The issue of Not Reported By MIPs stared somewhere December 2019 and ever since, trainees having this remark on their portal have not been paid. This has become a worrying situation to these trainees as they continue to contemplate as to whether their situation will ever be solved.

Each time stipends are paid, these trainees will not get theirs and according to them whenever they confront their Coordinators the only feedback they always get is that “They are working on them”.

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Now, it looks like these trainee’s problems are eventually coming to an end as NABCO has taken a step to help resolve these challenges.

A notice was sighted by our team which was purported to have been sent to all trainees with the NOT REPORTED BY MIPs remarks. 

In the Notice, these trainees were asked to provide a letter from their current MIPs that proves that they are actually at a post and that, their current MIPs are satisfied with their work.

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See the Notice Below and take immediate action if you fall under this category of trainees. 

H e l l o . . .

G o o d m o r n I n g . . .


P L E A S E N O T E 


■The proof of post letters sent to HQ has been REJECTED because the content of most of the letters largely did NOT display the following details;

1. Name of Trainee.

2. NABCO Reference number of Trainee.

3. Number of period at post.

4. Current institution.

5. Previous institution (if any).

6. Which month the problem (NOT REPORTED) started on the portal.

7. Time period the problem has been in existence.

8. Indicate the particular problem.


1. Please, affected trainees must go for Proof of Post Letters which clearly shows these details.

2. If a trainee’s Proof of Post letter already contains these details, the letter will be added to the new letters being compiled.

■New Deadline: Tuesday, 11th August, 2020.

Please note‼️
Trainees whose letters will be brought to the office even a day after the deadline CANNOT be added – because the data would be long gone.

Thank you

NABCO Secretariat
Kumasi Metro.

As seen above, this notice was sent to trainees from the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi. If you happen to be a trainee from other Regions and Districts, you have to immediately contact your coordinator to inquire about this new development.


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