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NABCO: How to Solve the Issue of Duplicate Department Number Blocked.

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For some Months now, Most trainees have stopped getting their Monthly Stipends due to some strange remarks including Not Reported by MIPsDuplicate Department Number Blocked and Your E-zwich has been identified to be new, this may take up 21 days for it to verify.

These issues have now become most trainee’s headache as they always try their best to know why such a remark. Each time payments of stipends are made, these trainees will not be paid and the problem always persists.

The problem got intense after the latest payment of July stipend when most trainees who had their payment remark as “Payment Processing “ all of the sudden changes to ‘Duplicate Department Number Blocked’.

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A lot of effort has been put by these trainees to know why such a remark on their portal which is preventing them from getting paid but still could not get an answer.

As we dedicate our page to educating trainees on the latest development in the programme, we’ve taken a step to find out why such a remark and how to solve them by consulting the various relevant stakeholders.

Now Information gathered was that most trainees have this remark due to:

  • Rampant Change of E-zwich
  • Double Registration
  • On other Government Initiative(YEA, Forestry, NSS)

Rampant Change of E-zwich

According to our source, most trainees find themselves in this issue because of the rampant change of E-zwich numbers on the portal without any valid reason. That, when a trainee changes his or her E-zwich on the portal, the system will automatically detect both e-zwich numbers under his records. This will auto-match the trainee to the category of trainees with a double registered number and when that happens, NABCO will have to further investigate the trainee before any payment can be effected.

Double Registration:

Investigation within the NABCO secretariat shows that some trainees have more than one NABCO number/account with different E-zwich. This according to NABCO aid those trainees to receive double payment and as they continue to verify trainee’s details, they were able to detect these abnormalities and corrected them. That, they continue to monitor such trainees and when they detect, they then tag them as having Duplicate Department Number and subsequently blocked.

On Other Government Initiative(YEA, Forestry, NSS)

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Another reason why most trainees see this kind of remarks on their portal is due to the fact that they are on other government programme. Some trainees are with the YEA, Youth in Afforestation in a weird situation NSS. These trainees according to NABCO receive double allowance and hence have to be blocked. So if you have this remark on your portal, and you are actually on any of the programmes mentioned above, then make sure to resign/decline from one before your case can be resolve.

How to Solve the Issue of Duplicate Department Number Blocked.

As a trainee with this issue, there are two things you can do to get your problem to solve.

  • Make sure you decline from the other programme and then inform your district coordinator for the rectification.
  • If you are not in any other government initiative but only had such a problem because you’ve changed the E-zwich card number on the portal, then the only thing you can do is to visit your District coordinator to a lodge the complaint. That, a list has been provided at the District to note down details of trainees with such a problem and then forward them to the HQs for Ratification.
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