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Make NABCO Trainees Permanent as their Engagement Contract ends this year 2021- NABTAG

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The NABCO trainee’s contract of employment with the President and the stakeholders is scheduled to end in October 2021 as per their letter of engagement.

This means after the said date, trainees who are currently with NABCO will be laid off and then go back to look for new jobs based on the skills acquired within the three-year of workings.

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In view of this, many trainees including their leaders (NABTAG executives) started advocating for a permanent job by petitioning the president.

In November last year, the Government in consultation with some relevant stakeholders of NABCO decided to open the NABCO transitioning portal for all trainees to apply for a permanent job, entrepreneurship, or further learning.

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All trainees on NABCO were made to apply for the exit pathways if they wish to be considered for the permanent job. After a month or two of the closure of the portal, trainees have been asking to know the status of their application.

Most trainees wanted to know if they will be considered and employ permanently before the contract comes to an end.

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In order to get answers to their questions, they resort to putting pressure on their leadership, which has forced the NABTAG president to come out with a new letter directing it to the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

In the letter, the NABTAG president started by thanking and appreciating the fact that, the NPP government has fulfilled its promise of creating jobs for the youths.

He then went ahead to plead with the president to make all eligible NABCO trainees permanent staff as their contract is ending this year.

See the full Excerpt from the NABTAG President Letter to the President of the Republic of Ghana below.


First of all, accept my heartfelt gratitude for being the brain behind NABCO. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

Secondly, I will like to extremely thank you for initiating the transition of NABCO personnel into permanent employees in most of your institutions.

We, with much humility, plead that you help facilitate the process for us. To the best of my knowledge, NABCO emanated from the Embargo on employment stamped during Ex. Prez. Mahama’s regime.

Presently, Your Excellency, the embargo is no more, yet we are unemployed. Your Excellency, in our view, we(Nabco Personnel) thought you will be considered dear us first when you’re recruiting as you rightly said…Source: but nothing of that sought seems to be happening.
You have neglected us, Your Excellency.

Let me add that our December 2020 stipends which pleaded to you to intervene have been duly paid – (29/01/2021 @ 18:20)

We are now going to pay off our debt…

I strongly believe if Your Excellency was to be Nabco personnel you would have staged countless demonstrations in times like this (No stipends, No  Christmas for Nabco Trainees).

Kindly help us, Your Excellency. Help leave an indelible mark on the minds of the sons and daughters of the peasant farmer by permanently employing them. And I believe they would be forever indebted to you and your government…

Make Nabco Trainees Permanent as their Engagement Contract ends this year 2021…

You are our last hope, Your Excellency.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Please Your Excellency, kindly consult the indigenes of a particular District or Municipal before nominating DCE’s and MCE’s because some substantive Chief Executives are not wanted by the residents… Please be vigilant, Your Excellency… That referendum policy must be re-enforced…

Thank you


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