Mood swings? 5 proven ways to take care of it

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Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu is a Bsc Development Planning degree holder, who is also the co-fonder of Hypercitigh media Generale. He has the drive necessary for every type of agency and institution. One thing about Ernest is he always likes to learn new things and improve on his talents.
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Mood changes are absolutely physiological because the mood is a personal disposition of the soul, influenced by different and multiple factors. The problem arises when changes and alterations turn into mood disorders, which can affect the person affected very negatively. At the clinical level, the threshold beyond which one can speak of mood disorders depends on the number and intensity of the symptoms manifested. In non-pathological conditions, to take care of your mood you can follow some tips, in order to promote your well-being. (source: Dr. Barbara Poletti, Head of the Neuropsychology Center – U.O. Neurology and Stroke Unit – Auxologico of Milan).

Avoid stressful situations to the limit

Each of us should always try not to reach levels of exaggerated stress. He should avoid living on the edge, in short. When you are under pressure, in fact, you are much more likely to experience a strong emotional reaction. And although our body is designed to face periods of stress, even intense ones, it always needs to benefit from periods of rest.

Avoid negative situations that take away precious energies

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Both in private and working life, it would be very useful to avoid negative situations that only have the disadvantage of taking away precious energy. A love relationship that does not work and is toxic, work situations that do not lead to anything good … Cutting would be the best thing to do if nothing is remediable

Indulge in rewards

Nothing positively affects the mood like the nice gratification that you give yourself. What makes you happy? Buy something you like, eat a particular food, go out with friends, go on a trip, indulge in your hobby, or play sports… Well, that’s the right answer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support

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Finding someone who can be supportive, whether it is family or friends, is very important in times of difficulty. Asking for help is never a source of shame and talking to someone you trust can be really emotionally supportive.

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