Meet Ma Yuankun, son of Jack Ma, China’s e-commerce giant

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Note Ma Yun used in this story refers to Jack Ma(Chinese: 马云; [mà y̌n];

Since Alibaba’s successful listing in the United States last year, Ma Yun has rapidly become the richest man in China with a value of more than 20 billion dollars. What’s more interesting is that Wang Sicong, the son of Wang Jianlin, the richest man in China, has quietly been replaced by Ma Yun’s son as the richest man in China. Ma Yuankun has become the focus of many netizens.

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Ma Yuankun, the son of Ma Yun, was born in 1992. It is reported that he is still a student at Berkeley University in the United States. He is young and promising. He is afraid to take over Ma Yun’s career when he returns home.

Ma Yuankun is a post-90s, born in 1992. He is 23 years old. Many photos of Ma Yuankun are popular among netizens, but in fact, Ma Yuankun is rarely exposed in front of the media. With the passage of time, Ma Yuankun has become a big boy. He can only see the real face of Lushan after he returns home.

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Ma Yuankun personal data family background

Ma Yuankun, the son of Ma Yun, was exposed earlier. From the exposed pictures, Ma Yuankun’s height should be more than 1.75 meters. Moreover, Ma Yunkun, who is still in school, is still long. He should be able to stretch up again.

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It is reported that Ma Yuankun, the son of Ma Yun, attended Berkeley University in the United States. Ma Yun is quite low-key to his son. The only thing he is known for is that he resolutely does not invest in online games to stop his son’s Internet addiction.

Ma Yuankun’s public information is also very few. After Ma Yun became the richest man in China, many people asked him who his son was. It is unknown whether Ma Yunkun will become as popular as Wang Sicong when he returns home.

The son of the richest man, Ma Yuankun is not as high-profile as Wang Sicong. But it was once hot on the Internet. Ma Yuankun, the son of Ma Yun, died of cancer and was only 19 years old.

Ma Yuankun personal data family background value

It is confirmed that all these are rumours. Ma Yunkun, born in 1992, is now studying at the University of Berkeley in the United States. After returning from his studies, he is likely to take Ma Yun’s class. He is a promising young talent.

Ma Yuankun is still a student. How can he talk about his worth. In terms of value, it can only be said that Ma Yun, his father, has made great achievements. Since Alibaba went public last year, Ma Yun’s value has soared to 21.8 billion US dollars in net assets, becoming the richest man in China. But if Ma Yuankun returns from his studies and takes over Ma Yun’s career, his value will be different.

It’s said that the power of the Internet is infinite, but when we meet Ma Yuankun, the son of Ma Yun, we have no choice. Even Ma Yuankun’s own information is very little


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