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“If Fish Bone Enters your Throat, Don’t Panic, Do These Things to Save”

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At one time or the other, we have had the experience of swallowing fishbone by mistake. The experience of swallowing a fishbone is quite uncomfortable and very unpleasant. It is also very dangerous. This is why we should all be educated on the things to do when we mistakenly swallow

Swallowing of fish bone does not only happen to kids, it can also happen to adults. But if this happens, don’t panic, here are simple things you can do to save yourself.

1. Eat Banana

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Believe it or not, bananas are very helpful if one mistakenly swallows fish bone. This is because bananas are very soft fruits, which can soften the throat, thereby making the bone to go into the stomach. This is one of the easiest ways to overcome fish bone.

2. Drink Olive Oil

Olive oil also serves the purpose of bananas, which is a lubricant to dislodge the position of the bone. So when fish bone is stuck in your throat, take a spoon or spoons of olive oil and dislodge the bone.

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3. Start coughing

If the other two mentioned above is not available at the moment, start coughing, this can also help in shifting the position of the bone. This is one of the commonest techniques among the three.

Before I wrap up this article, I will like to educate you on the things you should not do out of panic.

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1. Don’t drink water

Drinking Water can push down the bone in a more rough manner. It is just like swallowing a hard food when fish bone is stuck in your throat. It is highly dangerous.

2. Don’t swallow Eba or any other hard food

This is very bad. It can push down the bone in a more critical part of the neck that will not be so good for you.

That’s all readers, save a life by sharing the article to as many people as possible

Credit: odarteyghnews.com

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