SAD NEWS: Student Stabbed multiple times to death at University of Ghana

The body of a young man yet to be identified, was allegedly found close to the Akuafo annexes, on the road leading to the Bush Canteen at the University of Ghana, with multiple stab wounds and covered in blood.
The news was forwarded to the SRC who immediately called the Legon security. The security then did their best to scout the area and immediately called the Legon police who took the body away for investigations to begin.
The body, even though not identified, is believed to be a student of the university. This is an issue of major concern to all not only students of the university.
Residents around the area should be careful especially and keep an eye open for any unusual activities going on.
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Students and residents of the university and its environs are advised to be on the look out as they go about their activities. Students especially are being advised not to walk late at night and also do well to move in groups.
This shouldn’t be an
issue only for students of the University of Ghana but of other universities too.
We are still awaiting more news about the issue and you’ll be informed immediately we receive reports.
Source : |Prince Takpa