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Dear Fresher, Here’s the of list halls and hostels in the University of Ghana, Legon.

Below is a list of halls/hostels to guide you when selecting your hall/hostel when the portal is opened.
Feel free to share with friends who have also gained admission into the premier university and contact us for any clarification.
We are always here to help you.
(Residential fee: 853.00ghc)
●Legon hall
●Mensah Sarbah Hall
●Akuafo Hall
●Commonwealth Hall ( MALES only)
●Volta Hall (FEMALES only)
●Jubilee Hall
■Traditional halls have both main halls and annexes except Commonwealth hall
■The main hall takes two in a room with one inner and annexes take four in a room.
DIASPORA halls(UGEL hostels)
(Residential fee: 2,236.00ghc)
●Hilla Limann hall
●Alexander Kwapong Hall
●Jean Nelson Ackah Hall
●Elizabeth Hall
■Rooms at the diaspora halls take four in a room
■All students at the diaspora (UGEL Halls) should pay their fees at CAL BANK Ghana ONLY
●Pentagon (African Union Hostel)
● James Topp Nelson (TF Hostel)
●Bani Hostel
●Evandy Hostel
●International Student Hostel
■All incoming students (Ghanaian fresh students) who will be admitted into residence are to pay ¢100.00 as levy for generator.*
●Accra City campus students can not apply for halls but can apply for a hostels(Evandy,Bani,TF,Pent)

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