Stop saying wake keeping, here is what you should say


Nigeria’s official language is English. But yet, many Nigerians still make blunders. In this article, I don’t have to waste time. There are many errors Nigerians speak in English, they are;

1. Cunny: there is a difference between cunning and cunny. Many use them but Don’t know the difference. Cunny doesn’t mean someone that is not straight forward. It is also not an adjective but a noun. The correct word to use is cunning. It means deceitful or sly.

2. Wake keeping: this is actually wrong but we say and use this everyday. The correct thing to say is not wake keeping or wake keep. The correct thing is wake. You can browse this, it is the right information.

3. For better for worse: many Nigerians use this, it is very wrong. The best thing to say is For better or worse. The reason is it is in two sided ways. It is either better or worse.

3. Opportuned: this is very wrong, opportuned is an adjective not a verb. The correct thing to say is opportune.

4. Shaving stick: this word is commonly used among men. It is never in the dictionary. The correct thing to say is razor.

5. Disvirgin: it is ungrammatical , and it is not in the dictionary. The correct thing to say is Deflower. Don’t use disvirgin.

6. Installmentally: this is wrong in English. It is either you pay in installments or by installments. Installmentally is never in the dictionary.

7. Go- slow: this is found in the dictionary but doesn’t mean congested traffic. The correct word to say is traffic jam or traffic congestion