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Stop Saying “I Saw Your Missed Call”, Its Wrong – 8 Wrong English And Corrections

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Christopher Sam
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The English language is not our mother’s language but as far as we are into it, we should try our best possible in using it the right way it should be used. No one is perfect or above errors. All I need you to know is the correction to little mistakes taken for granted while speaking the English language.

As a business operator, student, cleric, or whatever profession you are into. Speaking good English with little or no errors take you above others around you. The accent is well attributed to respect, trust me you would never regret being able to get the right words at the right time.

  1. Incorrect – Have you eaten

Correct – Have you taken your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  1. Incorrect – How was your night?
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Correct – I hope you slept well!

  1. Incorrect – The reason is that she left alone

Correct – The reason is that she left alone

  1. Incorrect – I am going tonight vigil

Correct – I am going to the vigil

  1. Incorrect – I will try my possible best
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Correct – I will try my best possible.

  1. Incorrect – The meat is too strong

Correct – The meat is too tough

  1. Incorrect – She is mannerless

Correct – She is ill-mannered

  1. Incorrect – I saw your missed call
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Correct – I missed your call.

There is a difference between speaking good English and sparking good English. Speaking good English is when you use the right words while Sparking good English is when you think you are using the tight word whereas they are wrong. My advice (Don’t go and be sparking thinking that you are speaking) I drop my pen.

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