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Stop Saying “I’m Sorry”, It Looks childish – Check Out The Correct Word To Use.

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We said sorry when we feel regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, we say sorry to show we are remorseful and we say sorry to someone who is in trouble.

Nowadays, the word ”I’m sorry” has become a common word to people now who find it difficult to accept it due to the way people commonly use it often.

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It has become very common word to them. Which they will just say it anyhow and expect the person they offend to accept their apology.about:blank

In Nigeria we say sorry to everything that both matter and doesn’t matter.

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1) Sorry what’s the time?

2) Sorry I’m looking for someone

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3) Sorry how much is it?”

4) Sorry where did she go?

5) Sorry l want to eat

6) Sorry can i come in?

7) Sorry I love you.

8) Sorry this, Sorry that.

You See the rate of saying “I’m Sorry” has make the word, so cheap and common to everyone you tells it. you will see in a case that someone will tells the other person “I’m sorry” and the person immediately fires back “is it sorry that I’ll eat”, to show that the word “I’m sorry” is no more regarded by some people again.

However, These are the ten other ways you can show your remorsefulness without sounding Rude or harsh.

1) I apologise for my wrong

2) I had that wrong.

3) I take full responsibility of it

4) It was all my fault, I Accept.

5) How stupid/careless/thoughtless of me.

6) Is my mistake.

7) Pardon me, it won’t happen again.

8) Oh, my bad, is my fault.

9) That was wrong of me

10) Sorry about that.

I hope you learnt something new, if you feel there is something that should be added to the list you are free to add yours. if you do not agree with the corrections made above, you’re free to share your opinion in comments Boxes.


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