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Don’t Say “Spark The Car” But Say This Rather

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What we must note is that,been good or bad at English,we are all bound to making mistakes. However, don’t stop learning the basics everyday.

As far as the quest to learning another language requires much time and filled at the same time with problems,carefulness should be taken when submitting words.

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English is not our mother tongue,but we try our best to deliver it in the best way. Yes,some were very lucky to learn English well gone at the days in primary school. They were able to excel through it in the early stages,but some were just not lucky to go through successfully.

If you excelled or couldn’t excelled or couldn’t excelled let note these things In English.

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1. It is very wrong to say: The driver sparked the car when the rain began.

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You can rather say: The driver started the engine when the rain began.

Now,let me explain it here. We start the engine of a vehicle or machine. We normally spark fire. So it would be better to say ‘spark the fire’.

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2. It would be treason and wrong to say: One must paste twice a day.

You can rather say: One must brush or clean one’s teeth twice a day.

The reason been that,to paste something on the surface means to stick it to the surface with glue.

3. It is wrong to say: Barimah is too known.

It is correct to say : Barimah is too knowing.

The reason been that, Knowing means that one has intelligence or understanding about something that is suppose to be Secret.

4. It is wrong to say: Dean is a staff of Opera news hub.

But you can rather say: Dean is a staff member or member of staff of Opera news hub.

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5. Wrong: Opera news hub creators are demanding a 10% increment in payment across board.

Correct: Opera news hub creators are demanding a 10% increment in payment across the board.

The reason been that,across the board is an idiom which means that it affects everyone in particular.

6. It is wrong to say: I danced “adowa” drum at the funeral.

It is correct to say: I danced to the tune of “adowa”.

7. It is wrong to say: My sister is a National Service Personnel.

It is correct to say: My sister is a National Service Person.

This is because “Personnel” is a collective noun meaning a group of people who work for an organization.

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