#KNUSTVotes: Pearl Owusu, Art Society Gen Sec hopeful dissects manifesto ahead of polls tomorrow


“and so while the great ones depart to their dinner, the secretary stays, growing thinner and thinner, racking her brain to record and report what he thinks that they ought to have thought”, Arthur Bryant.

My name is Pearl Angela Owusu Prempeh. I’m a second year publishing studies student, specializing in design and illustration. Before university I held a lot of positions. In the early stages of my life it wasn’t easy trying to balance the role of a lady and being a leader. I’ve been in positions where I had to organize church programs and the such all by myself. It wasn’t am easy task but my strengths didn’t let me give up. These have built my ability to manage people,take on responsibility and delegate tasks effectively. I’ve been able to build my capacity to listen to concerns and take critism in good faith.

I’ve also build my ability to ensure team work and cooperation. I have experience in working with intricate roles and meeting targets, to ensure the tasks involved have been carried out well.I have garnered the requisite knowledge and expertise to serve in the highly revered office of the general Secretary for the growth and progress of this Noble society.

I want to leverage on my unparalleled leadership qualities, outstanding innovativemess, communicative acumen, accuracy in record keeping, vast secretarial expertise and understanding of the dynamics of a student society such as ours. It is instructive to note that I posses a high level of honestly, integrity and track record of selfless service. 

When elected general Secretary of the Art society, I will:

  1. Initiate the skills fair
    Our educational system has been so lapped behind that we fall short in a lot of places. As such I’d like to introduce the skills fair where I intend to bring on board resource persons to train the members of this Noble society in handiworks such as wig making and beads making which will enable members of our association to gain in depth knowledge and hands on experience to help them in their lives.
  2. Introduction of the electronic suggestion box
    By temperament we have a lot of people who are very shy and introverted. These people might have brilliant ideas on how to move our association forward. I’d like to bring on board the electronic suggestion box where a WhatsApp number would be set aside to enable people who feel shy to share their ideas. Who knows where the next big thing would come from?
  3. Bulk sms
    The relevance of information in our age cannot be downplayed. there are times where people miss opportunities because they didn’t get information on time. I suggest that we make very good and efficient use of the Vodafone Sim cards we were given. I’d like to send important messages through the bulk SMS system to ensure that each and every student receives information and on time.
  4. Open forum
    This is going to help bridge the gap between the administration and the student body. All student grievances would be heard at the open forum and students would he the chance to question the leaders on anything they do not understand.
  5. Capacity training
    In the fourth industrial revolution, the world has shifted from the layman to the computer age. I intend to help my constituents by training them in current computer programs which will give them an urge over the people they’d be competing with. Also we’d have presentation training and public speaking training to help better themselves.

I will give my best to this position and will uphold and exceed the efforts and expecta of previous and future members of the society. Thank you