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KNUSTVotes: Kevin Abban solves 3 major health risks with the Health Advancement Policy (HAP), See details

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Have you been so sick, that you just wanted to skip the verification process, just to see the doctor? We can say for a fact, that we have all been in the uncomfortable situation before. As much as education forms the basis of our junior membership of KNUST, our health as students is paramount. Should any of us fall prey to the grips of unhealthiness, then our academic progress could also be curtailed. That is why we propose the Health Advancement Policy as a way of improving our already existent health dispensation system.

On Wednesday, 7th July, 2021 the VOICE FOR YOU team led by Master Kevin Abban paid a special courtesy call on the University Health Deputy Director Dr. Ababio to have a feel of how our healthcare issues/system on campus operates. At the meeting we discussed with the Deputy Director about the feasibility of three of our major healthcare plans, one which is at the heart of our healthcare.

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So, today we are glad to announce to the entire student populace about our HEALTH ADVANCEMENT POLICY(HAP).

Biometric Verification System at KNUST Hospital and Students’ Clinic: Usually when we visit the hospital, we are asked to produce our student’s ID card for identification and verification. This verification system will help reduce the amount of time students spend at the hospital. So that in cases of emergency when one cannot find their student ID or do not have it on the spot or probably cannot produce it due to an unconscious state they find themselves in, information related to them could be accessed for better medical attention.

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Initiation of KNUST SRC Ambulance Services and Red Cross Team: A special ambulance dedicated to serve students of KNUST with a dedicated phone line to help students reach the ambulance services in times of emergency. One particular health feature of every professional organization or institution is first aid teams. KNUST SRC can also have a team of well trained students to form an emergency medical attention team known as the Red Cross. We will like to recount one night on our campaign trail, the team had to get to struggle around the hours of 2am to get an uber to convey a student to the hospital. It then struck us that a special ambulance service dedicated to students will be handy to help expedite the delivery of healthcare.

Renovation of the KNUST Student Clinic: The couple of times we have engaged students, and through personal experiences, it has come to our realization that the current state of the KNUST Students’ Cilinic needs to be improved. The structure had been built several years ago to ease the burden on the KNUST Hospital otherwise known as Tech Hospital. Due to the multifaceted dispensation order at the main hospital, this structure was erected to serve as “first call” centre when students are ill on campus. As student population continues to increase, so should the carrying capacity of the Students’ Clinic in order to meet the growing demands of the University community with regards to health. This marks the importance of a renovation plan for the Students’ Clinic. Also, an extension of the working hours and a renovation of the student’s clinic under a Kevin Abban led-administration will go a long will to help improve the health care of students.

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For us as a team, Kevin Abban and Mohammed Ali believes that being a VOICE FOR YOU means having the THE HEART OF YOUR HEALTHCARE a top priority, a sick student can never sit to learn, therefore the need to support this vision.

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