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KNUST: Free Breakfast for Students in Katanga Hall

It is that time of the semester where students have to produce what they were taught in the semester. This period is mostly characterized by tension on the part of students.
Sometimes, in the heat of the revision, amidst the pressures, students have no time for food, this, taking a toll on them during examination hours.
It is on this regards that the University hall, Katanga, in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has provided free breakfast to students in the end of Semester’s examination weeks.
This initiative, which kickstarted today is to give students ample time to learn towards their papers and also reduce the situation whereby students pass out during examination hours.
This Project is fully supported by individuals and Alumni of the University hall, Katanga.

Source: Chris and Sandra/Hypercitigh.com

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