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From SEAP to LAP; Kelvin Abban’s remarkable achievement as CANaRSA Vice President explained

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Kelvin Abban after a remarkable spell at the healm of affairs as the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Students’ Association (CANaRSA) vice president, Abban touts his achievements.

Instrumental in the unprecedented Supplementary Examinations Assistance Program (SEAP).
This initiative was forwarded in response to the dwindling performances of students in the Supplementary examinations which necessitated an initiative to get accommodation for students, organize numerous tutorials and last but not least provide students with the requisite documentation they need for the examinations. The program was in collaboration with the Welfare Committee and the Academic Committee.

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CANaRSA Livelihood Assistance Project (LAP). For the first time in the history of the college association, the welfare Chairperson in the person of Master Kevin Abban rolled out the LAP through numerous dialogues with students, the Registrar of the College and the Provost to support the livelihoods of students in the college who might have not been able to benefit from the Food Bank.

The Program will roll out before this current administration hand over to the next administration. He has also engineered in the passing of a bill in the Senate house that will see to it that, the LAP will not just end in this administration but to see it continuity.

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CANaRSA Virtual Debate:

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic took its roots in the world, there was a sharp decline in in-person organization of events. As an ex-officio member of every committee as the CANaRSA constitution, a former Debaters’ President of Adisadel College, Master Kevin Abban gave counsel for the association to rather adopt a virtual debate competition, to build and nurture debaters for the fast-growing agricultural sector who would add their voices in local, national and global discussions to better the prowess of the sector. Through his support, the academic board organized organized such a maiden program.

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This opportunity helped all competing teams and discerning viewers to get to learn and accustom themselves to some documented aspects of their prospective careers which was a plus in their intellectual development.


Master Kevin Abban also played a very influential role in the adoption of a talk with key industry players to share their stories and motivate the emerging youth in agriculture and natural resources to ignite some passion for their programs of study.

All programs and projects under the CANaRSA administration always passed through his office as the Vice President for his counsel and direction. His apt prowess in public speaking, diplomatic relations, and problem-solving capacity was what made him likeable.

His welfare directives as Chairperson was focused on giving the students an opportunity to liaise with the executive committee and with his direction through the president, the College saw its unprecedented class-to-class tour which gave students the platform to talk to the executives of the college. And a system where students shared their views to the president and secretary who represent them in Parliament.

Per the College Constitution, the Vice President shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the President. Having this in mind, activities such as the introduction of the College Cloth, the first ever Class to Class Tour, Revamping of the Senate house where Gown, Mace, Mallet, College Flag and a printed standing orders was given to the house for the first time since the introduction of the College.

These tasks were assigned to the Vice President and every Tom, Dick, and Harry know these assignments were executed with perfection.

During the maiden CANaRSA Talk, the Vice President was awarded a citation at the end of his tenure as he bowed out to run for a bigger agenda for the interests of students.

Through his advices, support, hardwork, dedication, negotiation skills and quick response to task, he left office as helping in making CANaRSA the best and vibrant College in this academic year.

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