KNUST: Freshers Report today, list of helpful articles.

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Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu
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As the freshers of KNUST report to school today hypercitigh has gathered a plethora of articles that you as a fresher may need by just clicking the links. ENJOY

KNUST: Dear fresher, 20 things that can get you sacked; numbers 15 & 17 will shock you!

KNUST: Dear Fresher, Here is a list of documents needed for school tomorrow

Dear Fresher, first place to go when you report to school today

KNUST: Don’t Forget Anything At Home! Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Freshers!

Off-Campus Accommodation: KNUST Hostels in & around Bomso (contact and details)

Off-Campus Accommodation: KNUST Hostels in & around Kentinkrono (contact)

Off-campus Accommodation: KNUST Hostels in and around Bomso(Contacts and details)

Off-Campus Accommodation: KNUST Hostels in & around Ayeduase (contact and details)

Video: What KNUST freshers need to know about staying off-campus

KNUST: Details of the medical examination for Freshers

KNUST: Colleges/departments exempted from additional academic fee charges

KNUST: These 3 Scholarships will expire on 27th January. (Apply now)

List of Best Gob3 joints on KNUST Campus

KNUST: Top 11 food joints in KNUST every fresher must know

New to KNUST? All you need to know about the official student App [AIM App]

How to Check KNUST Semester results using AIM App

How to update Student Profile using the KNUST AIM App

KNUST: How to register courses using the AIM App.

Video: What are Parallel programs in KNUST? — All you need to know

KNUST: All The Numbers To Contact For Admission Enquiries

KNUST Admission 2022/2023: What every fresher needs to know

How to change your program of study after gaining admission to KNUST [Details here]

Dear fresher: 11 steps to get your KNUST credentials if you haven’t received yours yet

Dear Fresher: How to live a stress-free life on KNUST campus. (Video)

KNUST Approved Fresher’s Private Hostel Booking: Procedure, System Help & Instructions

Latest: Check out KNUST revised 2022/2023 Academic calendar — Important dates on reopening and lectures

Top 4 businesses you can start as a student in KNUST.

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