KNUST: Assuming Abraham’s donation to CABESA Food Bank yields 2 beneficiaries

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The College of Art and Built Environment Students’ Society Food Bank is to support needy students with food items.

On Monday, June 14 2021, 2 members received food items from the Kwame Takyi led administration.

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The beneficiaries both in their third year of study, received 5kg rice, 1litre oil and 1 spaghetti each.

The food items were donated by an inspired student to augment efforts made by the association.

Mr. Asuming Abraham in red tie, College President – Kwame Takyi immediate right, flagged by welfare commission representatives
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Mr. Asuming Abraham donated the items to be received by deserving association members.

Beneficiary students came from communication design and construction technology management associations.

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Meanwhile, 350 students are expected to benefit from the CABESA Bursary Fund by end of July.


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