Securing accommodation on campus was a tussle in first year -one-on-one with KNUST’s ISRC Chairman

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In all the euphoria and reminiscing, the longing for a return to school has been the desire of many students. KNUST saw the investiture of an Interim Students’ Representative Council (ISRC) on August 6, 2020. The ISRC took over from the outgone ABC-led administration to represent KNUST students’ interest in the build up to an SRC election come next academic year.

The ISRC is made up of four members performing functional roles and one representative from the Institute of Distant learning (IDL): Master Lord Amono Parker. The Chairman of the committee is Master Ether Abu Ayim, the incoming Ayeduase MP in the SRC parliament. 

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HypercitiGh’s Prince Kofi Guadzi engaged Master Abu Ayim on his education, family, his journey to becoming the Ayeduase MP and doubling as the ISRC Chairman. 

Master Ether Abu Ayim is a fourth year BSc. Agricultural Science Student. He was born, bred and buttered in Kumasi. He is the seventh child of ten children with 7 brother and 2 sisters. He enjoys watching movies and listening to music as a pastime. He had his early childhood educational grooming at Panford and Georgina (P&G) located at Agric-Nzema, Kumasi. He transferred from P&G to KNUST primary school, back to P&G and completed Junior High School in 2012 at Holy Trinity Lutheran School in Patasi Estate, Kumasi.

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He had his secondary school education at Elite College (Ayeduase, Kumasi) where he completed in 2015. He left Ghana for Nigeria after completing Elite College. Master Ether Abu Ayim gained admission to KNUST right after his arrival in Ghana in 2017.

He recounted his experience with the tussle for accommodation; a plight most KNUST students know all too well. He disclosed that he was late in arriving to campus and as such he could not secure a room on campus. He had to find accommodation at a hostel in Kotei (a suburb of Kumasi). He shared the many shortfalls the hostels had in areas of facilities and security.  To sum up the issues at the hostel, he said,

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“The challenges I faced there were overwhelming and it affected me academically during my 1st year 1st semester.”

He proceeded to recount his path towards student politics; an urge that stemmed out of the plight he faced at his initial residence. According to him, he was inspired to run for office as the Ayeduase MP in the 2018/2019 academic year by his “Political Godfather”-Master Benjamin Baah Frimpong, an alumni of Presec- Legon. He was then resident at High Achievers Hostel located at Ayeduase New- Site. His initial campaign for office was futile but he came back stronger to win the same office in the 2019/2020 academic year. 

On requesting a comment on the way forward as the ISRC chairman he declined to comment leaving time to tell the tale to the student populace. 

Nonetheless, KNUST students monitor with high anticipation the work of the sworn-in Interim Students’ Representative Committee.

Source: | knust | Prince Kofi Guadzi

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