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Africa’s Best English speaking countries

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When colonialism on the African continent moved to the end, a large number of countries began to use official languages that were mostly of outside influence. There are, still, some African nations that also legally identify native languages as well. English and French are spoken almost everywhere in Africa. They are commonly used as a means of overall communication, mainly when dealing with education, juidical, and business matters.

More than 23 African countries use English as one of their official languages while 26 uses French. Are you ready to know the names of the countries that are on the list of the best English speaking countries on the continent? Is Nigeria on this list? Keep reading to find out the answers.

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Here are the top 10 English speaking countries in Africa :

1. South Africa (65.38)

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2. Kenya (60.51)

3. Nigeria (58.26)

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4. Ethiopia (49.64)

5. Tunisia (49.04)

6. Morocco (47.19)

7. Egypt (47.11)

8. Cameroon (46.28)

9. Sudan (45.94)

10. Algeria (45.28)

Source: EF English Proficiency Index 2019.

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