Most Interesting Solitaire Games To Keep You Glued

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Maxwell Odonkor
Maxwell Odonkor
Maxwell Odonkor is an Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in Website Design, Graphic Design, and Search Engine Optimization. He is the founder of Maxibern Digital, a leading IT firm in Ghana which specializes in Website Design, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing. Maxwell is also the founder of World Inspiring Network, a nonprofit organization that helps rural children to gain access to quality education, trains and empowers the youth, and also raises the bar when it comes to women empowerment.
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Most Interesting Solitaire Games To Keep You Glued.

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of pleasure and leisure for many people. 

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Solitaire games in particular are very popular among the various card games available.

Back in the day, these solitaire games are built into the Windows operating system so you can always play them at will and catch some fun. 

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But now things have changed. The latest versions of windows hardly come with such games so you’ll have to get access to them online. 

Currently, when I feel exhausted from all the hard work, I turn to the good old Solitaire games for comfort. 

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I have had so much joy playing some of these games and in this article, I’ll share with you some of such games. 

The Solitaire Golf Game 

While I have a score of solitaire games on my radar, the Solitaire Golf game is in a class of its own. It’s exceptionally interesting and requires some quick thought processing. 

The basics of this game are for you to arrange cards in either ascending or descending orders. 

There are 7 columns and 5 cards are piled in each column.  Making a total of 35 cards in the columns. 

Right below that, there’s a row of 16 cards. This row is known as the draw Row. 

Besides the draw row, there’s one active card. 

To begin the game, you are required to pick a card from the columns that are exactly lower than or greater than the active card. 

So if the active card is 9, you have to select a similar card which is either 8 or 10 from the columns.

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Once you select the appropriate card, the move is completed and you earn some points. 

You have to repeat this process until all the cards are cleared off the columns. 

However, the game will be over if the 16 draw cards finish before the cards in the columns. 

See the image below:

The Best Golf Solitaire Site 

I am very selective with many things and this obviously played a role in my search for the best Golf Solitaire sites. 

Honestly, it took me several hours of roaming the internet to finally settle on a platform that delivers simple but quality graphics and game display for Golf Solitaire. 

For me, the best platform for playing Golf Solitaire is 

The site is a purely dedicated solitaire gaming platform that offers a myriad of Solitaire games. 

Honestly, I have enjoyed every moment I spent playing Golf solitaire on this platform.

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And the best thing is that since it’s a Solitaire-dedicated site, it also offers so many other Solitaire games such as Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, Ace of Hearts, and many others. 

I have tried a hand full of their solitaire games and they all seem to be great. But I can only vouch for Golf solitaire because that’s my favourite. 

If you’re looking for a solitaire gaming site that has simple designs and amazing colour combinations, then you need to check out now. 

Click here to get started with solitaire games. 

Strategies for playing Golf Solitaire game 

Now, before you dash off to for your free solitaire games, I want to share with you some insights about the strategies for playing Golf solitaire on the platform.  

  •  Cards are ordered in ascending order with A being the lowest and K being the highest. 
  • The Ace and King cards can both be used as close cards. 
  • The real idea of the game is for you to clear all 35 cards in the columns without losing all the cards in the draw row. 
  • You can only select cards that are visible on top. 
  • If you get stuck with the cards at any point, then you’ve lost your game. 


Gaming has been a source of relief and sanity to some of us. 

If you’re like me, then you know the true value of solitaire games. 

You also realize the importance of playing this game online without noise and breaking graphics. 

I’m sure that as per the content of this article and the experiences you’ll gather from the website, you’ll always bookmark the Golf Solitaire game. 

You can check out the solitaire game now

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