Why children need to learn computer programming

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The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace. Our children’s future careers will likely rely heavily on the need to be proficient in computer programming. While relying more and more on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Getting your children into programming early will boost their career options in the future, providing countless opportunities for success.

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We take a look at why programming is important, how to teach it to your children, what to use and how it helps the world.

Why is programming important?

It has been estimated that before the middle of this decade, there will be more than 21billion IoT devices worldwide.

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Understanding how these devices work, how to program them and to prevent cyber attacks on our devices is crucial.

How children can learn programming

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Many organisations run schemes to teach children coding and programming. The BBC in the UK made it their mission to bring coding to primary school children. While Nintendo launched applications to help children design their own video games.

Seeking out these programmes or schools that teach programming could be essential for your children.

What is a Micro:bit?

The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket sized computer that can be used to teach children how to code and program. It has recently enjoyed an update too.

It has a range of programable features that children can physically interact with, making perfect for learning.

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You can even buy Micro;bit computer kit to use at home for a range of fun projects to do with your kids.

Micro:bit and philanthropy

Okdo have pledged to help bring programming education to the furthest reaches of the world. From helping girls learn vital computing skills in south Asian communities to educating rural children in Uruguay.

Recently, the company fulfilled one of its initial pledges to get 5,000 BBC Micro;bits to young people worldwide. These have been delivered to communities as far and wide as Africa, South America, rural Canada, the Middle East and more.

The co-founder of Okdo Richard Curtin explained recently that “”there is in education, the need for very low cost, very accessible and very easy to use technology to be put in the hands of students,”

Getting children excited about programming

No matter what your children end up doing with their careers, a solid understanding of computer programming will be invaluable.

The most important thing to consider when teaching kids programming and coding is to get them excited by it.

Through a range of fun and exciting projects, you’ll be encouraging your children to learn about how the things around them work. Ultimately helping to shape the future.


Why children need to learn computer programming

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