Things Girls Do That Irritate The Life Out Of Ghanaian Men

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Yesterday, a question on Twitter had men airing out their pet peeves when it comes to girls.

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Per the thousands of quotes and hundreds of retweets, it looks like most men agree that the following things dey vex them so…ladies, looks like if you are on a sacred unattainable quest to be a perfect girl, this is your crash course on what GH men don’t like!

1. Dance but… don’t dance

If it is azonto, you’ve killed them…

2. Keep your birthdays secret

3. Twitter girls…don’t pray to “anon Nyame”

4. Keep your popular friends private

5. Reply messages and don’t be rude girls

6. No star signs

7. No clout chasing on WhatsApp

8. Don’t have male friends

9. Don’t glam up on your birthday dears

10. He said what he said…periodt!

11. Konkonsa…not allowed

12. No stans allowed

13. Accept compliments by fire by force!

14. Don’t gist with friends

15. Change your fashion sense!

16. In conclusion…


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