GNAT rejects 2021/2022 salary increment for public workers

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Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu is a Bsc Development Planning degree holder, who is also the co-fonder of Hypercitigh media Generale. He has the drive necessary for every type of agency and institution. One thing about Ernest is he always likes to learn new things and improve on his talents.
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The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has rejected the recent upward adjustment of salaries for public sector workers pegged at four and seven per cent for 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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“That is not what we expected. The ongoing discussions on various social media platforms indicate clearly that workers are understandably unhappy with the outcome of the negotiations,” National President of GNAT, Ms Philippa Larsen, said.

She was speaking on Thursday during the opening session of the sixth Quadrennial Eastern Regional delegates’ conference of GNAT, which was themed: GNAT@90 surviving as a reliable and vibrant teacher union in the 21st century – teaching the journey, explicating the essence and examining the prospects.

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Ms Larsen said, “We are not happy either. We had to settle on the relatively low rates of increments reluctantly after intense negotiations spanning many weeks.”

She also said the association’s leadership were so sad and that explains why they could not muster courage to inform members about the outcome of the negotiations with the tripartite committee.

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“I am sad, all leaders are so sad and that is why we didn’t have the courage to disclose the initial outcome of the negotiations to you,” she said.

She noted that the current system of remuneration in the country’s public sector was not fair and that it only favoured some categories of office holders, saying, “And we are not going to agree. We will not agree to that”.

She called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene swiftly, otherwise there would be no industrial harmony in the coming days, insisting, “Otherwise there will be no peace and the country will become ungovernable”.

“For industrial harmony in the country, the four and seven per cent, we are never happy,” she added.


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