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Photos: Breast cancer In Men

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Breast cancer is a disease that is associated with women. Many are those who believe that there is no way a man can develop breast cancer because they are flat chested. However that notion is false because just like women, men can also develop breast cancer because they have breast tissues as well.

Breast Cancer in Men | Healthy Me Today

Not believing or accepting it does not and will not wish it away. Breast cancer may occur mainly but men are equally at risk. The body has various cells and these can become cancerous. Cancer in the breast develops when the cells or tissues grow out of control.

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Men between the ages of fifty-five years and seventy years can develop breast cancer. It is rare for younger men to be diagnosed with the disease.

Just like in women, when breast cancer starts to develop, the nipple of the affected breast retracts or becomes inverted, or has discharges. Most lumps associated to breast cancer are due to a condition known as gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia is a non-cancerous condition,however,it causes enlargement of breast tissues.

Male Breast Cancer: Symptoms То Watch For, Risk Factors, Аnd More – Live  Healthy And Fit
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It is worth mentioning that not all lumps and swellings in the breast spell cancer. Some are just enlargements that are due to fatty tissues like lipoma or cyst which is a fluid filled bump. It however important to run a test or examination to ascertain what the bump or swell signifies.

8 Surprising Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Men - Elite Readers

The lump or swell in your breast area will feel like a round marblelike button.Most of the times they feel sore at a touch but sometimes they are deceptively painless. As the days go by you will realize that it takes a different shape mostly like your breast.

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Some of the symptoms of breast cancer also include a change in the color of the skin covering your breast. The breast tissue further thickens,while the skin scales,dimples and puckers with redness.

A case of male inflammatory breast cancer | SpringerLink

The stages of breast cancer are five. Every stage as identified by medical practitioners have their own peculiar symptoms and treatment.Over a five year period, the survival rate male breast cancer sufferers is about eighty-four percent but this is dependent on the stage in which diagnosis was made and whether the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body besides the breast.

There are foods that cause breast enlargement in males.These foods are high in estrogen (which are female hormones) like, phytoestrogens and may increase one’s risk of gynecomastia(just the tenderness and thickness of breast tissues during puberty in girls).

Like in most cancers, patients are to avoid fatty foods, red meat, processed foods, added refined sugars saturated foods and alcohol.You may have to avoid radiation and an environment that is chemically polluted; avoid smoke and reduce your weight.

Diet Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Keep It From Coming Back
Does eating meat increase my cancer risk? I Cancer Council NSW

Instead, you may want increase your intake of vegetarian proteins. Turmeric, soya beans, cruciferous, apples,grapes, broccoli and garlic are all protective nutrients that keep cancer redundant and keep the disease at bay.

12 Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention | Breast Cancer Center | Everyday  Health
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Early diagnosis helps save lives. Consult your doctor when you experience cancer related symptoms.

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