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10 Signs of Kidney Failure People Don’t Know; Their Causes And Foods to Eat For Your Kidney Health

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Kidney is one of the most crucial organs in the human body and failure to keep it clean, could put your life at imminent peril. We have all been taught about “kidney” one way or the other back in JHS and SHS, but my science teacher, if not yours, only taught us about functions of the kidney and nothing else.

Human beings have two kidneys, so it should not be a shock to you when someone says he or she has one kidney – one can decide to donate his or her kidney and can still live. Our kidney has the shape of beans and could be the size of our fist.

The kidneys filter our blood – they remove waste, control the body fluid’s balance. All the blood in our body moves through them several times in a day – that should tell you how important they are to the body.

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The story of Selina Gomez made the world aware of how dangerous it would if your kidneys are failing. Selina Gomez is an American singer, songwriter and an actress who had to be the recipient of excruciating pain due to kidney failure. If it hadn’t been the intervention of her best friend who came in to donate one of her kidneys to her at a time where she was between the realms of both life and death.

Most of us don’t know that our kidneys might be failing to function, and we are not aware because we don’t their signs and symptoms. It is for this reason that I have decided to share my knowledge on kidney failure with the help of the in-depth research I have made about this ill condition.

I have compiled many signs and symptoms of kidney failure, and will carefully elaborate on each one of them. I will also tell you the causes and the foods one must eat to avert this condition.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Failure.

  1. Fatigue

Most at times, you become tired unexpectedly without even working. You wake up from bed and your body becomes weak and feeble.

It is so because when one is suffering from kidney failure, toxins would be produced in your blood along with impurities and can make one tired and weak anytime. Anaemia would also accompany this, causing the victim to become weak. Anaemia is simply the shortage of blood in your body.

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If you feel tired anytime without engaging in any work , it is wise to visit your doctor for check-up. As soon as you spot this, don’t waste any second to take this action.

  1. Difficulty Having Sleep (Insomnia)

Insomnia refers to the state where one finds it difficult to sleep. It has been proven that people with chronic kidney disease have trouble sleeping due to the physical and mental health failing them.

So do well to visit any hospital early for medical check-up if you are finding trouble sleeping.

  1. Itchy Skin

The kidney is responsible for removing extra phosphorus in your blood ; however, if your kidneys are failing to work, the phosphorus level will begin to increase expeditiously. Itchy skin is one symptom of kidney failure so it is a wary if your skin itches you persistently – visit your doctor on the spot.

  1. Urinating Frequently

Frequent urination could be a sign of Kidney failure – this could also be caused by diabetes, infections at the urinary tract or your prostate enlarging. When you urinate repeatedly and incessantly during night or day, do make sure to visit your doctor or any hospital for check-up.

  1. Foamy Urine

Foamy urine is when your urine produces bubbles. This is because of excess protein in the urine which could be the result of kidney failure.

Everyone’s urine has once in a time become foamy before, but it becomes disturbing when your urine continously forms bubbles. Visit your doctor if this happens at a regular time for it could be a sign of kidney failure.

  1. Swollen Legs

Have you ever noticed your leg(s) getting swollen before? It could be a sign telling you that your kidneys are becoming defunct.

There is an extra fluid and sodium in your blood movement caused by your kidney failing, resulting in edema – a condition where there will be excess fluid trapped in your body tissue, causing puffiness.

Visit your doctor when you notice this puffinnes on your legs.

  1. Loss Of Appetite

When one has its kidney failing to function, he or she would start to be no more interested in eating ; he or she will literally not have the desire to eat, even if you prepare the person’s favourite meal. Don’t waste any more time to report this to your doctor when you begin feeling this way.

  1. Nausea

If you become nauseous and vomits persistently, visit your doctor for it could be a sign of your kidney failing.

  1. Strange Change Of Taste

People with kidney failure could start to develop a change in taste. Any food they eat will become bitter in their mouth- a metallic taste. Foods will taste bad in your mouth. Visit your doctor if your taste strangely changes to become bitter.

  1. Tremor

Tremor is a movement disorder – this especially happens in our hands. It can also occur at our arms, torso, head, legs etc.

Tremors happen intermittently ( comes and goes), this could make your hand to not be able to hold anything, like pencil or pen to write. It could be normal and also could be sending you a signal that your health is in jeopardy. Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you notice this, because it may be a sign of your kidney failing.

Since we now know how to spot the signs of kidney failure, let us move on to the causes of this condition.

Causes Of Kidney Failure

  1. Loss Of Blood Flow

When your body fails to pump blood to the kidney, your kidneys fail to function, because they need blood to survive and work. Heart attack, severe burn, heart disease and others will deprive the kidneys of blood and will cause them to be defunct.

  1. Failure In Eliminating Urine

Failure to remove urine from the body, toxins will begin to overwhelm and overload the kidney. Kidney stones, blood clots in your urinary tract etc – could be the causes of the failure of the body to remove the urine and will result in kidney failure.

  1. Excessive Alcohol And Drug

Drinking excessive alcohol will cause your kidney to malfunction. Excessive intake of drugs can also cause kidney failure. So be watchful of how you consume alcohol, it is wiser to quit taking in alcohol.

  1. Infections

When bacteria enter your urinary tract through the tube responsible for carrying the urine, they can multiply in numbers and travel to the kidneys and will cause an infection, resulting in your kidneys to stop functioning abruptly.

  1. Uncontrolled Diabetes
  2. Lupus

Foods That Are Healthy For Your Kidney.

  1. Apple

Apple contains a fibre called ” pectin” which reduces the risk factors of Kidney damage. Apple is healthy and should be an important fruit for you henceforth.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is good for the health of our kidneys. Make a tea out of ginger and drink it to prevent kidney problems, because it contains antioxidants which help to neutralize unstable molecules and also reduces inflammation that destroys our kidneys.

  1. Lemon

Make a lemon juice everyday to prevent kidney failure. Lemon contains citrate, a salt in citric acid that works with calcium to block stone formation.

  1. Garlic

You must be adding garlic to your meals for it habours “allicin” which acts as antioxidant and anti-inflammation – which are good at getting rid of inflammations that destroys the kidney.

This will be the end and I hope you benefited from reading this article. Don’t enjoy the knowledge alone, share it to your family and friends for them to also learn the signs of kidney failure; what causes kidney failure and the foods that help the kidney to fight these kidney problems.

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