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How To Start And Grow A Food Blog On Instagram

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This year has been a hectic and surprising one. COVID is that friend no one invited to a party but who happened to sneak up and steal the show. We are all devastated because a lot of things are not as they used to be. Our social life, family, businesses and careers have been heavily affected.

But I am an optimist and I always look at the positive aspect of life. What has COVID taught us? There has been a shift in many businesses and way of life from the traditional to the virtual and a lot of people are embracing new shift. Some even call it the new revolution.

Digital careers are becoming more common these days. One of the most popular ones being blogging. A blogger is someone who writes or showcases their love for a particular subject in an online journal, website or social media platform. In today’s post, we talk about food blogging and how to get started as a food blogger on Instagram. We give you 8 tips to go from scratch to actually putting up a food blog on Instagram. 

Who Is A Food Blogger
How To Start And Grow A Food Blog On Instagram

A food blogger is someone who talks about his or her experiences with food or cooking and posts them on a website or a social media platform.

Pick a niche

There are various types of food blogging. 

Food content creation:
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this is the process where the food blogger creates recipes and photographs themselves and posts it on their website or Instagram. In this type of food blogging, the person is in charge of all the creation or own all his or her works.

Food or photo repost:

this a slightly different kind of food blogging where you repost food content from creators and established food bloggers. The most important thing to give them their due credit. 

Food explorer:
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these kinds of content creators visit restaurants and events and take videos and photos and post them either as a review or just for the aesthetics of their Instagram.

Now that we know the different kinds of food bloggers we can dive into how to actually start a food blog on Instagram.

Find catchy name (something related to food)

Brainstorm on good blog names for your Instagram page. Find something that is easy to remember, short and catchy and also descriptive of what your Instagram is about. Make sure it is related to food so that people with similar interests can locate you and follow you.

 Don’t copy the exact name of someone else or use names being used by big bloggers in the industry, you will be shadow banned. If you find out that the name you want is already taken, you can add small words like “my”, “the”, or dashes and punctuations to differentiate yourself. Use web services like names generators to find usernames that will work for your blog. There a host of them on the web.

Create an Instagram account

It’s important to have an Instagram account since that’s where we will be starting from. It’s relatively free to set up and use for your content creation unlike websites which will cost you a few dollars or cedi’s. With time if you see that you are growing rapidly on Instagram you can work on getting a new website to complement your blog. After creating an Instagram page it is now time to customise your page which leads us to the next tip.

Customise your Instagram page
How To Start And Grow A Food Blog On Instagram

Edit your profile to suit your food blog. Switch to creator or business account so that you can add the category of a food blogger or a digital creator. Add a catching profile photo which will make you stand out as a food blogger so that similar accounts can follow you and engage with you. Add your interests and any other information that will be relevant to your food blog. For e.g. (food blogger, food photographer, recipe creator etc.)

Creating your first food picture 
How To Start And Grow A Food Blog On Instagram

Shoot in natural light – Food styling – Choose and try different angles- Editing images – Backgrounds and surfaces. These are all things to consider when creating your instagram food post

Start posting on Instagram 

It’s important to note that just posting pictures without any form of description or caption will not allow the picture to do well. Some things to consider when posting a picture on Instagram includes

Storytelling and captions are important in describing what the picture is about the purpose it is meant to serve.- Hashtags and tags (tag relevant pages or people to like and interact with your page. You can tag curation pages who may repost your photos on their page to give you more exposure. Hashtags give Instagram posts wider reach so that they can be found beyond followers.- Geotag your photos: add your location to your photos to attract people I the same geographical area.

Invest in your craft

If you are serious about growing your food blog, it’s possible but it will take a ton of work and investment. Investment in time, effort and money which might not pay off at the beginning. But don’t give up because it’s going to get better with time if you are consistent. Take a photography or food blogging class, watch YouTube videos on food blogging, read related blog posts and watch and learn from established food bloggers. Invest in gear and equipment’s which will enhance your photos and videos like props, ring light, backdrops and surfaces, plates etc.

 Build or join a network or community

Make friends with other food bloggers, share their posts and engage with them. Find a community of food lovers who constantly engage with one another and grow with them. Joining groups like Facebook groups with like-minded people can help you learn and get support and exposure.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to explore and find what works for you. These rules are not the hard and fast rules. You can always explore and find what works for you. For instance as a beginner you can combine recipe creation with food exploration.

The most important thing is to love what you do. When you love what you do, your energy rubs off your work and people are able to see it. Don’t see food blogging as a way to get a lot of followers or free items from brands. See it as a brand you are building and put out consistent and quality content.

I hope this blog post was helpful. Thanks for stopping by. 

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